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6 reasons why you are not losing weight


It's not always easy to lose weight; there are several factors that play an essential role when it comes to weight loss. Now, these factors could be internal, external, physical, and even sometimes psychological. We’ve identified a series of blockades to your weight loss program and ways to overcome them.   The general consensus is that weight loss is difficult. But this is a faulty assumption that many people hold. Although weightloss is not a piece of cake, it does...
Essential Guide To Transforming Your Body

Essential Guide To Transforming Your Body

A deep dive into various body transformation journeys shows that no two transformations follow the same path, and are similar. Transformations are different and oftentimes they are peculiar to the individuals and methods involved. If you go through a number of reported or documented transformations you will see that they often adopt different methods and applications. Now, these methods and the results they produce, are dependent on activities carried out, food consumed, and the time taken. But one common denominator...
How To Stay Motivated To Train

How To Stay Motivated To Train

How To Stay Motivated To Train One of the reasons why people find it difficult to motivate themselves for training at the gym is Mental fatigue. In recent times Mental fatigue has gotten lots of awareness including its role when one engages in fitness training. The way the body and brain are intertwined suggests that the brain plays a key role in physical performance, muscle usage, and processing speed. In addition, motivation to do work, train, and workout are championed...
Simple Hacks To Aging Well

Simple Hack To Aging Well

One Thing You Can Do Daily To Age Well 👆🏼 This might come as a surprise to a lot of people; sitting on the floor plays a crucial role in prolonging your life and helping you live stronger 😮. We know that when you have the choice of seating on a comfy chair or a cozy couch, or a hard floor, odds are everyone will go for the first two options. Nevertheless, the simple act of seating on a hard...


Our everyday lives can be a stressful affair. It gets so busy most times that we lack the time to handle other tasks. While you might feel overwhelmed, and burdened, there are self-development habits you can incorporate into your lifestyle, that will make life much easier for you. If over the years, you've stressed yourself over incorporating stress management tactics, then you are in the right place. First things first, you are not the only one that is feeling overwhelmed...
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