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Our everyday lives can be a stressful affair. It gets so busy most times that we lack the time to handle other tasks. While you might feel overwhelmed, and burdened, there are self-development habits you can incorporate into your lifestyle, that will make life much easier for you. If over the years, you've stressed yourself over incorporating stress management tactics, then you are in the right place. First things first, you are not the only one that is feeling overwhelmed...
Fitness Truths You Probably Didn't Think About

Fitness Truths You Probably Didn’t Think About

There are various reasons and factors why people fail to achieve their goals. However, one of the biggest contributing factors is excuses. Take a retrospective look at some of those times you failed to do a task, or meet a target. In 8 out of 10 times you will find out that an excuse or two was the reason why. While people like making excuses, one thing we hate is hearing other people (friends, family, coaches) tell us that we...
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Ways To Increase Muscle And Reduce Body Fat

Ways To Increase Muscle And Reduce Body Fat There is a growing myth that you can’t reduce your body and build muscle. But contrary to that, there’s a way to achieve all that. The process of building muscle and burning fat is a bit technical. You have to consume enough to aid muscle growth, but ensuring what you are eating has the best nutritional value to help your body use fat stores rather than muscle tissue. To get the best...
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10 Weight Loss Tips From Women Who’ve Lost Weight

The weight loss journey is a challenging road, with lots of twists and turns. But the amazing thing is despite its complications, deciding to lose weight has tremendous rewards. Once you commit to it, you have to stick with the process irrespective of the hurdles along the way. So before you embark on any weight loss program, there are some vital things you need to know about weight loss. First things first, losing weight doesn’t correlate with having a healthy...
Easy Mistakes Women Make In The Gym

Easy Mistakes Women Make In The Gym

A bulk of the mistakes women make in the gym is down to several years of exposure to the wrong information. Getting the right knowledge can set you on a path to maximizing your gym time. Over the years, people believe that weights were specially for men, while cardio machines were designed for women. Such ideology is completely flawed. One of the reasons women stay away from weights is that we've often believed that there is no beauty in muscularity...
  • January 11, 2021
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