Causes of Bloating | 4 daily habits that are causing you to bloat


Bloating? 4 daily habits that are causing you to bloat

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Causes Of Bloating

Today’s article aims at educating you on some 4 causes of bloating, habits that have a huge impact on how bloated you feel.

There are lots of scientific and medical definitions of the word ‘bloating’ but generally; it is an accumulation of air or gas in your belly. Interestingly, bloating isn’t only as a result of the type of food you eat, some daily habits could also result in bloating. Habits such as wearing a tighter pair of jeans, tummy woes, tight belts and lots more, could lead to bloating.

Causes of Bloating:

  1. Drinking Through a Straw

Using straws in sipping your drinks and fluids can be a normal habit but it might interest you to note that these straws are causing more harm than good to your body. Are you wondering how? Well, according to Taub-Dix, author of Read It Before You Eat It, every time you sip through a straw, air comes up before the liquid thereby leading to bloating overtime.  This is also associated with water bottles with a built-in straw. Adopt the habit of sipping directly from your lid to save your belly from bloating and unnecessary discomfort.



  1. Stress

Stress causes lots of havoc to the human system. It prompts people to rush through their meals, skip going to the restrooms and stuck up lots of air during anxiety attacks. One of the best ways to cope with stress to prevent as well as relieve bloating is dedicating time to eat slowly and cherishing your eating time. Don’t work and eat. Managing stress is key to reducing bloating.



  1. Chewing Gum

Most people tend to chew gums to keep them away from eating between meals. Though this might be working for them, Bonnie Taub-Dix a registered dietitian nutritionist has opined that “When people chew gum, they unintentionally swallow some air which most often leads to bloating.” In addition to that, she stated that a good number of gums are made up of alcohol and sugar, which tends to cause bloating and gassing as well. Rubin further beamed that sugar-free sticks are generally made up of sorbitol, which can cause a ton of stomach issues, bloating included. If you are a gum addict and your belly is feeling these effects, guess it’s time you stopped chewing gums.



4. You’re Feasting on Fiber

Though there are lots of health benefits associated with the consumption of fiber, such as in weight loss, good heart condition and lots more, shooting up your fiber intake all at once could lead to bloating. You will be better off if you gradually increase your intake over a number of weeks. This will enable your stomach to have adequate time to adjust and manufacture the required enzymes needed by your stomach. According to a research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, always ensure you get your fiber from whole, unprocessed foods such as vegetables, whole grains, and fruits as a good number of packaged foods are enriched with inulin a form of fiber that is difficult for the stomach to digest.


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