ShesTough Program | 5 Reasons Why ShesTough Simply Works!


5 Reasons Why ShesTough Simply Works!

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Why do 1000s of ladies trust the ShesTough program? Here are 5 obvious reasons!

ShesTough Program:

1) It is convenient

If something is inconvenient, it will simply not work. ShesTough can be done in the convenience of your own home! It takes time, money and sometimes courage to go to a gym. All of this can be by-passed on the ShesTough program. All you need is a room, a yoga mat, some dumbbells and voila! You are good to go.

2) It is efficient

Who wants to work out for an hour or more? Who has time for that?
The Shestough program focuses on 20-minute burst circuits, which simply get the job done. Research actually shows that workouts that are more intense and shorter in time duration are more effective than longer workouts at a low or moderate intensity level. We incorporate this methodology burning fat and building lean tissue as quickly as possible

3) It is simple

Simple but not easy is the motto. Who wants a complex workout regime? Simply access the Shestough workout videos and train in real time with Latoya in the comfort of your own home for 20-minutes 5 days per week. We give you structure and all you have to do is follow us.

4) We incorporate nutrition

Nutrition is the most important factor in a physical transformation. Period.
We incorporate meal plans, recipes, and advice in the Shestough program so you can be prepared and see the best results possible

5) You are supported

Once joining the Shestough program you have access to a private Facebook support group. In this group, thousands of member are present and actively supporting each other. You are not alone! Support is crucial for lifestyle changes and if you don’t have the support at home you can lean on the group, we are here for you. Your success is our success.

Join us!

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