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7 Steps to Changing Your Life before 2018

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Changing can be hard, but we got 7 simple yet effective tips for you.

If you want to make the rest of your year into the perfect preparation for the biggest and best 2018 possible, we have some effective tips for you today. After following these seven tips, you’ll start the journey to changing your life and wonder why you didn’t take the steps sooner!


#1: Become the Healthiest Version of Yourself – In our opinion, good things happen when we’re the healthiest versions of ourselves. After working out, you’ll strangely feel more energized, it’ll encourage positive eating habits, your relationships will improve, you’ll get better quality sleep, and you’ll even lose weight. By simply changing your diet you can unlock a surge of energy that will help you get more done!

Of course, we aren’t saying you need to become a ‘size zero’ model. Instead, you need to find what success means to you. Ultimately, you need a body you’re proud of to push you forward. Join https://shestough.com for all your fitness health needs today!

#2: Create and Respect Boundaries – By setting boundaries in your personal life, you take responsibility for all emotions and actions. If you’re always telling your friends ‘I’m too busy,’ this suggests your boundaries aren’t strong enough. With strong personal boundaries, you boost confidence and self-esteem while reducing stress and the constant overwhelmed feeling. What’s more, you take control, and this could be the most important thing you do.

#3: The 80/20 Rule for changing – We get it! Changing isn’t easy at all that’s why you got to take it easy on yourself. Implementing the 80/20 rule allows you to be human. Go hard and stay focused 80% of the time and allow the other 20% to be human and enjoy your efforts.

#4: Create and Respect a Routine – For some, they need a routine to get them in the right mood for the day ahead. For example, some people meditate for five minutes, shower, and then sit with a newspaper and tea for ten minutes. Once these three tasks have been fulfilled, the mind is ready for the day, and it also creates a positive mood. Without even leaving the house, it makes you feel as though you’ve achieved something important.

#5: Cut Back – At first, this tip is going to sound scary, but we think it’s valuable; stop doing so much. If you’ve got a million and one things to do, don’t then go and promise help elsewhere because you don’t have the time. If you’ve got a piece of paper nearby, list the most important things in your life; this could include a partner, child(ren), saving money, playing sport, work, etc. From this point forward, these will be your main priorities, and you can even list them in terms of importance.

Whenever you make a decision, you’re making a trade-off and normally the negative is the fact it’ll eat into your free time. If you’re too busy, learn to say ‘no’ to people and only focus on your most important responsibilities.

#6: Embrace Uncertainty – If you spend life trying to understand everything, you’ll end up going crazy because it’s an impossible task. We understand, the need for answers can be overwhelming but trust us when we say uncertainty can be beneficial. If you’re looking for answers, ask yourself whether knowing would really change your life. In all likelihood, it wouldn’t. Start the road to changing by accepting the uncertainty.

#7: Lose the Ego – These days, we have no patience whether it’s climbing the career ladder, losing weight, or building a relationship; we want everything right now. In fact, some will argue we all feel a sense of entitlement. Unfortunately, our need to become the perfect partner with the perfect body earning over $100k per year is damaging us.

While we would never advise you to lower your expectations or hopes, we believe it can be positive to learn from these 7 effective tips mentioned and embrace mistakes to become the best version of ourselves as opposed to chasing a fantasy.

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