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Accepting Yourself
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It might sound silly, but accepting yourselves as you are today is one of the most powerful things you can do. As humans, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and dwelling on what we do not have. Do you ever hear the voice in your head that says you are not good enough? Its quite negative isn’t it? Well, when will you be good enough? The quest to perfection is an illusion and a destination that is never reached. The reality is that you are all that you have. And you are enough. RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. AS IS. All of your perceived imperfections and flaws. They are all perfect. And you are merely a work in progress.

Now imagine we focused on the things we loved about ourselves. Imagine we treated ourselves like someone we were responsible for taking care of? The reality is most females (especially moms) put themselves 3rd, 4th, 5th to everyone else’s needs. Eventually, all that giving is going to lead to a deficit in yourself. And when you give and give you eventually cannot give any more. So give back to yourself once in a while! This body of yours you are in is a temple, which gives you the gift of living — the gift of life. You are alive for a reason. Honor that.

When you look at your body negatively and focus on what you lack you put yourself in a negative state of being. When you compare yourself to others, you will always lose. If you are going to compare yourself to anyone compare yourself to who you were a year ago. Focus on creating small changes that will better your mind, body and soul. When that voice of judgment enters your mind, let it come and let it go. It doesn’t have to steer you in any direction.


Exercise is one of the best practices for our minds. It kills stress, it makes us feel better afterward, and it puts us in a state of progression. Exercise for these reasons. If you exercise because you think you are not good enough because you have some perceived body fat to lose, exercising will not be fun. If exercising is not fun, then it will take more than it will give, and eventually, you will have nothing else to give, and you will get tired and quit.

This body you are in, and this mind you have is a well-oiled machine. It is the best thing you will ever own. Fuel it with respect. Treat it with love. Eat clean because your body deserves it. Eat clean because you deserve the best. And if you fall off the wagon here and there, who cares! It’s healthy to indulge from to time. You probably deserved that cheat meal!

The truth is progression is not linear. It goes up and down and twists and turns in a pattern. There will be times when you see results and when you don’t. There will be times when you’re doing everything right and not seeing results and times when you see results for no apparent reason. The point is you want the overall pattern to move in a positive direction. Don’t sweat the small things, focus on the big picture which is the attitude.

A positive body transformation first begins with a positive attitude. The mindset of accepting yourself as is and wanting to improve. Not for anyone else but yourself. Because you are perfect and you deserve it. Life is too short to be hard on yourself. Life is too short to compare yourself to anyone else but yourself. Let’s change the way we look at ourselves. Let’s change the way we talk to ourselves. Even if it’s tough I challenge you to the following daily affirmations:

  1. “I accept the way that I am right here right now, and I love myself enough to do better.”
  2. “I am a work in progress.”
  3. “I am strong. I am tough. I am my best me.”
  4. “I will honor my mind, body and soul.”

It’s time to get TOUGH girls and become our best selves.


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