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Easy Mistakes Women Make In The Gym

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A bulk of the mistakes women make in the gym is down to several years of exposure to the wrong information. Getting the right knowledge can set you on a path to maximizing your gym time.

Over the years, people believe that weights were specially for men, while cardio machines were designed for women. Such ideology is completely flawed. One of the reasons women stay away from weights is that we’ve often believed that there is no beauty in muscularity as humans. In addition, weights have been known to add a couple of pounds on the scale rather than reduce it. This leads us to some of the easy mistakes women make in the gym. A bulk of these mistakes are rooted in misinformation and misunderstanding.


Saying no to resistance training

One of the common fears for women in the gym is getting too bulky. The common myth is that the more time you spend at the gym, the more muscle you gain. But muscle gain is not an easy feat. Lots of persons devote a tremendous amount of time chasing muscle gains, and they end up with nothing.

The only way to get bulky is if you eat more and increase your calorie intake. Another way is to take testosterone. Engaging in resistance training will;

  • Boost your bone and muscle density
  • Increase your strength and confidence
  • Enable you to lift heavy objects


On the other hand, resistance training will not give you muscles or make you more masculine.


Engaging in excessive cardio

One of the reasons women engage in too much cardio is because they believe it can help them tone up, lose body fat, and add a bit of muscle fat. Although cardio exercises can help you burn a good number of calories, it won’t help you tone up your body the way you hope for. In addition, it makes it more difficult for you to generate the right muscles that will make your body look chiseled and firm


Shying away from the intensity

Most women like to keep it safe when lifting weights. They lift too many lightweights for too many reps. As much as it is better than sitting on the couch watching your favorite soap opera, it is not very productive. Lifting moderate to heavy weights is ideal and very beneficial. It helps you get stronger and build bigger muscles. Again, weights won’t make you bulky, only excess calories or testosterone will.


Giving up

It is easy to quit most, especially when you do not see the results you hope for. Sometimes the pressure can be too much. Pressure from social media, peers, magazines, and TV can be a bit overwhelming. Even if you do not see your expected results, don’t give up too soon. Your journey is different, and your body is different, as well. The fitness road is a marathon, not a sprint. Some persons expect instantaneous results, but sometimes all you have to do is wait and be patient.


If you can eliminate these common gym mistakes in your routine, you will see some tremendous changes in your body.

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