Here are 5 things you need to do to grow your booty


  • You must squat and lunge


Donkey kickbacks, bird dogs, and bridges are great for glute activation. But to maximize growth, you must squat and lunge! Squats and lunges require more work from your lower body and therefore fatigue your glutes more. The more you fatigue them the more growth potential you will have! Sprinting and HITT training is an alternative to squats and lunges. How often should you work your glutes?


  • You must shock your glutes with variety


Your body is smart. It learns exercises quicker than you think. When it learns and adapts to an exercise you will no longer get the growth potential so you must SHOCK the muscles. Going heavier, doing more reps, drop set training, and adding in different forms of squatting, lunging, and other lower body exercises is your best bet. How do you know when you body is getting used to an exercise or fitness program? You will no longer feel fatigued in the legs the following day.


  • You must hit your caloric needs


Glute growth is a process of breaking down the muscle followed by building up the muscle. You actually build the booty days after working your lower body with your nutrition and rest. If you don’t consume enough calorie you simply won’t grow! So you must eat! Clean calories are always your best bet, which means low sugar fruit, root vegetables, whole grains, vegetables, proteins, and healthy fat. To find out your caloric needs are simply plug your stats into a BMR calculator online and consume 250+ calories more than your calculated BMR.


  • You must recover and hit your macronutrients


You can work your glutes all you want but if you don’t recover they won’t have the chance to grow! Once you are consuming enough calories you will want to dial in your macronutrients. Protein is needed for building muscle period. Research shows you should eat .75 grams per pound to optimize muscle growth. Therefore if you are 125 pounds you should consume at least 94 grams of protein per day. Also do not forget about CARBS. Carbs give your muscles and fullness so you can power through your work-outs and really fatigue your glutes. How much carbs should you eat? That varies from person to person depending on their body type and fitness goals. Generally, you will want to consume at least twice as much carbs as proteins and build up from there if needed. For the most part, you should stick to low sugar carbs like whole grains, root vegetables and low glycemic fruit. Too much sugar can increase belly fat.


  • You must consider genetics


Genetics determine the frame of your body period. You can work with your frame but you need to be realistic. Sure, everyone can increase the size of their booty but genetics determine how much and in what shape.

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