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1. Organize your life

One of the best ways to enjoy life is to first organize your life. Your mind cannot simply be efficient when you are in a state of disorganization. Since both your rational and intuitive mind are your strongest navigational tools on route to happiness in your life, you will want to make sure they both can breathe. It starts with organization or de-cluttering in which you can simply begin this by achieving small organizing tasks every day. Routine. Routine. Routine. And it starts you’re your living space. Research shows that a clean, organized space reduces one’s stress, improves happiness and even improves exercising and eating habits! So start by keeping your place clean. From there make sure you eat a high protein breakfast every morning. A high protein breakfast is related to a feeling of sustained energy to start your day. On the other hand, starting your day with a high sugar breakfast leads to a spike and rapid dip in energy. It might seem like a simple task to live in a clean, organized space and to eat a balanced breakfast every day, but many people do not achieve this. When you wake up in a clean, organized space and eat a well-balanced breakfast, you are setting the pace for your entire day. Once your place is clean, organized and you are frequently eating a healthy breakfast move onto another task. For example, an exercise routine that works for you, studying and researching topics that interest you, meal prepping for the week, joining a club, and so on. Start small by achieving little tasks every day and build from there.

2. Find a job you enjoy

In North America, we live to work, and we work for the majority of our lives! To enjoy life it becomes crucial that you enjoy what you do for a living. When we are busy working away on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, it can be easy to fall into the work trap. But is your work giving your purpose and fulfillment? If the answer is no, it is important to acknowledge this and work towards finding it. The best way to do this is to reflect quarterly (every 3-4 months). Write down all the things you like and don’t like about your job. Reflect on the components you enjoy with your job and remember them. Next, expose yourself to other jobs that incorporate the components that you value. When you find something that attracts you look further into it and set a plan to pursue it. Shadow people who work in that field. Do your research. And keep digging! Life is TOO short to spend years and years doing something you do not enjoy. There are plenty of careers out there that are waiting for you to discover.

3. Focus on healthy relationships

One of the most significant factors to enjoy long, healthy, happy life is the relationships that we harbor. No man or woman is an island. We literally are social creatures and depend on each other, which makes our social lives incredibly important for overall health and wellbeing. With that being said no one is perfect and we all come with our own baggage. Try not to judge your friends and family for their potential setbacks. Instead treat them, as you would want to be treated. When we judge someone we immediately limit his or her potential for growth and everyone deserves a chance. With that being said there is such a thing as a toxic friend. Toxic people can negatively affect you just as much as any other toxins in the world. When evaluating the health of a friend ask yourself this question. “Would I recommend this friendship to a sibling, parent or any other loved ones?” If the answer is no then distanced yourself from this person but always choose kindness, compassion, and honesty when communicating with them.

4. Travel

If one wants to grow, one must step out of their fishbowl and into the ocean. Travelling opens up your world point blank. Simply put, we are products of our environments, and if we never move out of the fishbowl we are raised in we will not get the potential of growth we are capable of. So from time to time one must travel and experience other parts of the world, different societies, and cultures to enjoy life to the fullest. This takes you completely out of your working mind and puts you into a new world of perspective, excitement, balance, challenge, and growth. Not to mention, traveling gives you a break, time to reflect, unwind and rejuvenate. It is typically through travelling when people see there life from a different perspective and see areas they were not able to see before.

5. Take care of yourself

Did you know humans are more inclined to take care of their pets rather than themselves? Its pretty crazy to think this is true. But as humans, we can be more efficient at helping others we are responsible for over ourselves.

Now imagine what your life would look like if you treated yourself like someone you were responsible for taking care of?

Imagine your future. Your health. Your happiness

Your body and mind is a temple and the best friend you will ever have. It continually looks after you and tries it’s hardest to keep you balanced no matter the situation.
Give back by eating clean, exercising, de-stressing, working in a career you enjoy, reading self-help books or getting therapy, traveling once a year, and surrounding yourself with positive people. You are the best friend you will ever have, so learn to love and support yourself and enjoy life to the fullest.

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