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If you want to see results, you must stay consistent with your training! Giving up is obviously the most common way not to see results. Here are 3 tips for keeping you on the path of success



  1. Create the cues in your environment


Research shows that environmental cues can trigger a habit. For example, when you wake up in the morning, if you see your cell phone, you are likely to be cued to check out social apps, or if you see chocolate, you are likely to want to eat it. You can use this to your advantage.   If you’re going to lose weight, hang up a pair of old pants you would like to fit into again, put a motivational quote on your fridge that inspires you, or place a yoga mat/dumbbells in your living room. Make sure these items are placed in an area that you will notice every day and keep them visible until the habit has been created. These cues will remind you every day. 


  1. Manifest your results


Instead of setting the intention of getting fit, or losing 10 pounds, or toning your abs, instead see yourself as already there. Use affirmations such as “I am strong”, “I am fit”, “I am healthy”. Research shows that this can be more impactful because it has a more positive effect on your self-esteem. Find an affirmation that creates a positive emotion attached to it after you say it. Make sure to use these affirmations every day until the habit is formed. Habits typically take 21 days to create, so be sure to repeat these words of positive affirmation throughout the day!


  1. Don’t do it alone or hire help.


Research shows that you are more likely to see results if you have a partner. Find a workout buddy! If you have the funds, you can also hire a personal trainer. There are also fitness groups online (such as the ShesTough community on Facebook) that you can lean on for support. The bottom line is, try not to do it alone! You will be more likely to stay on the path if someone is holding you accountable.



Remember that habits take about 21 days to create. Once you pass this period, you will be more likely to succeed.  When you reach your fitness goals, you can repeat these three steps again with new goals, affirmations, and support systems! Join shestough today to receive access to a proven workout and support system to get you to your transformation goals!

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