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How To Stay Motivated To Train

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How To Stay Motivated To Train

One of the reasons why people find it difficult to motivate themselves for training at the gym is Mental fatigue. In recent times Mental fatigue has gotten lots of awareness including its role when one engages in fitness training. The way the body and brain are intertwined suggests that the brain plays a key role in physical performance, muscle usage, and processing speed. In addition, motivation to do work, train, and workout are championed by the brain.

The emphasis of this article is on mental fatigue and how fatigue plays a role in performance, and how you can leverage willpower to overcome mental fatigue so you can meet your workout program.


What Causes Mental Fatigue

There is no doubt that mental fatigue affects performance, focus, concentration, motivation, and processing speed. In addition, fatigue can deplete endurance, strength, and overall ability to do work. According to a study done by Michigan Technological University, fatigue reduced endurance performance and strength performance by almost 50 percent respectively. There are studies that show that mental fatigue has a negative impact on physical performance. Mental fatigue requires higher than normal exertion to do work. One explanation for this is that when you are mentally tired, the brain needs to send more signals to the body for it to perform. Essentially, this means you feel you would need to work harder physically to achieve any result.

Another explanation is that when the brain is tired, it has to process information differently and this is what makes workouts and training more difficult than they should be.

Take for example, when the feeling of fatigue sets in, tired legs, and wheezing lungs are heightened, and the brain channels that and exhaustion comes into the picture. Ideally, you may be fine and your body may be able to do more work, yet you are mentally unstable to push yourself to do the work.


How to gain workout motivation

There are several ways to push back on mental fatigue and boost physical performance. On one hand, persons use supplements like ergogenic, and nootropics to aid physical performance. On the other hand, there are physical steps people can take to get motivated.

The nature of the exercise you do can have an effect on mental fatigue. For a start, high-intensity short workouts do not require as much mental energy as extensive workouts. Focus on high-intensity interval training which is a low-duration activity with a high-intensity workout. All ShesTough programs are low-duration activities with a high-intensity workout 💪🏽

You can also do things in the office or at home that will keep you focused. The goal is to focus intensely for 20 minutes and take a 5 minutes break at intervals. Short mental breaks can reduce mental fatigue.

During your short break, do an activity that is totally different from your work. Go for a short walk, drink water, or take a nap.


In conclusion

To stay motivated with your training or even work is to manage mental fatigue. You can do this by engaging in high-intensity activities in short periods. Take a break while working after 20mins. Long-duration tasks or workouts spike mental fatigue.






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