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Fat Burning 101 by ShesTough

When it comes to weight loss, our guess is you’ve tried everything: from crunches, running, planks, and so on. But despite everything you’ve been attempting to burn fat and get rid of that huge chunk of fat under your belly, there is still that gaping sign there. Concerning belly fat, the logical explanation would be to do more workout that focuses on your stomach muscles. But will that make you burn fat?

Well, the answer isn’t farfetched. It doesn’t matter the number of crunches you do daily; there would still be a lump of belly fat staring at you in the face. When it comes to fat metabolism, unless you get rid of the weight, you are not going to achieve your dream belly shape and size.

So how do you rid yourself of those fats around your stomach? Well, we’ve got the answer waiting for you.


Getting To Know Stomach Fat

The first thing to know is that everyone has fats on their body and they are; subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. The role of these fats is to insulate the body and protect the organ, respectively. So, you see, belly fat is important, and everyone has it. But the amount of fat you have and the way it is distributed around your body is tied to your genetics rather than your workout regimen.

The way men and women store fat is quite different. Women typically store fat around their lower body such as thighs, and hips. Men, on the other hand, usually store fat in their belly.


Ways To Lose Belly Fat


Eating Right

You might end up doing 2000 crunches or other ab workouts but rather than decrease fat or will only end up strengthening your core. When it comes to fat metabolism, and weight loss, you need to start eating clean if you hope to see any result. You need to consume the right things because this will determine whether or not other the exercises you do will work. It sounds simple but yet effective. You need to start eating clean, and you need to start now.

The bulk of your diet should contain whole grains, veggies, beans, fruits, fish, eggs, and poultry. Studies show that focusing on calorie-controlled whole grains, can help with your weight loss and fat burn. When you eat, still remember to take your required portions, and don’t go overboard. Lots of times, people eat right but eat large portions. Those type of people won’t get the results they seek.

The combination of the right foods along with the right portions, eventually will help you burn fat, achieve your weight loss goals, and lose your belly fat.

The key to fat metabolism is that it doesn’t just happen in specific places in the body, but rather everywhere. There is no way you can reduce your fat in your belly alone. You will have to burn fat in your things, face, and overall your entire your body.



Now, that we’ve got the first part right, the next thing to do is to balance it out with the right exercise. You can still train your abs by doing crunches, planks, and so on.

Research indicates that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts can also help with your weight loss program. The key is to incorporate vigorous exercises to your daily or weekly workout plans.

If you leave a sedentary lifestyle, you can do yourself a whole lot of good by moving around more. Moving around from your desk, or within your home can help you burn fat.


Final Words

Weight loss and fat burn isn’t a one-day thing. There is no quick fix or instant solution to it. If you want to see any result, you just have to be consistent with eating clean and exercising.

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