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Losing Weight: Is Consistency the Key Ingredient?

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Consistency is key, You need consistency!

For many of us, we wake up with motivation then we sign up for a gym membership. Then, we start to miss the odd day, and two weeks later we’ve completely given up. Soon after, the motivation strikes again and the cycle restarts. After a full year, nothing has changed on the outside or on the inside because consistency is key and we haven’t been consistent; we’re still watching people workout on Instagram and get a surge of motivation from that which ultimately doesn’t do much.


Consistency is key – We can be chronic ‘diet jumpers’ in that we get hooked on a particular fad before giving it up for a few weeks and then trying a new one. When we lack consistency, we don’t allow our body to ever get into the swing of anything. If we exercise for a week and then give it up for three weeks, progress can’t occur because you aren’t doing it long enough to increase your metabolism and bring other long-term impacts.

Therefore, if you really want to see progress in the coming months and years, you need to make a lifestyle change rather than just another ‘diet.’ In this new lifestyle, you’re going to visit the gym at least three days a week, slowly transform your meals into healthier options, and this is what it takes for you to lose weight. Instead of doing the usual ‘all or nothing’ leap into a healthy world, this gradual step into a new lifestyle is far more effective and will yield the results you need.

Why? Because you’re changing your whole mindset and how you live rather than jumping onto a ‘diet’ which always has an end date whether you succeed or fail. With a lifestyle change and consistency, you’re not only going to reach your goals, but you’re going to maintain a healthy lifestyle afterward too. Unfortunately, consistency isn’t ‘fun’ or ‘sexy’ enough to be shared online, but it really is the only way forward if you want long-term progress.

Top Tips – If you want to get started today, follow some of the tips we have below;

  • Plan – If you plan all your meals for the week ahead, you won’t be tempted into ordering a takeaway on those busier days. If you know you need to take your child to soccer practice on a Wednesday, make sure you have a quick, healthy meal planned.
  • Limit Yourself – At first, limit yourself to a few healthy meal choices. When we’re faced with too many decisions, we’re far more likely to say ‘I can’t decide, I’ll just get a pizza, ’ and there’s no logic in this whatsoever.
  • Prepare Meals – Sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned so always have a safety net of meals ready just in case you’re forced to leave the house unexpectedly. If a friend needs you to visit their house, you can eat one of your pre-prepared meals and be happy you didn’t have to ‘cheat.’
  • Drop the Cheat Days – In life, we tend to be unique in what we enjoy, like, and can do. If you cannot have a cheat day without getting back onto the new lifestyle without slipping, don’t have them at all; remember, this is a new lifestyle, not a diet.
  • Visit the Gym – Finally, make sure you visit the gym regularly; even if you only do bits and pieces. At first, this might sound strange but going to the gym and doing nothing will get you into the habit of going. Then, once you’re there, you’ll think ‘well, I might as well do something.’ Often, it’s the going to the gym part that holds us back as opposed to the not wanting to exercise part.

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