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OFFICE WORKOUT: A quick routine at the desk

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Office Workout:

Would you dare to have an office workout?

We try to squeeze a 30mi to -1hr workout routine if it permits on our schedule. How about the other 23hrs? what are we doing physically during this time? for many, we’re simply sitting in our office all day long. This can be a problem that prevents us from getting optimal results as we’re lacking activity. So we put together this office exercise routine to help you keep moving during your workday. We think maybe it’s time you put aside 2 lighter dumbbell weights at your office for a quick workout that you can do a few times during your work shift.

Benefits of an office workout:

  • Sharper focus when you return to work
  • burn more calories throughout the day
  • We need to take breaks every hour and an office workout is a perfect
  • better breathing and blood circulation
  • plus much more

Click the above video and give this routine a shot and let us know how it goes for you.

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