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The saying goes you are what you eat. But in reality, you are what you eat, digest, and absorb. If you are chewing your food thoroughly before swallowing it, drinking 1.5-2 liters per day, eating 3 clean protein balanced meals per day, exercising and still getting digestive issues like bloating, gas, abdominal pains, and or heartburn/reflux you should consider the following supplements:

  1. Betaine Hcl
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Digestion begins in your mouth so make sure you are properly hydrated and chew your food thoroughly before you swallow. The next place digestion takes place is in the stomach. Research shows that stress can actually slow down acid secretion in the stomach leading to digestive issues. Meaning, if you don’t have enough acid in your stomach you are at risk for digestive issues throughout your whole digestive tract. If you are the type of person who gets bloated daily you will want to try the Betaine Hcl challenge. This supplement actually increases acid in the stomach, helping you digest your food better. Simply take one pill of Betaine Hcl halfway through your meal. Make sure to include protein in this meal. Preferably 4-6 ounces.  If you do not get a burning sensation after taking one pill this can be interpreted as sub-optimal stomach acid secretion. Next meal, try taking 2 pills mid-meal and keep increasing each meal until you begin to feel a minor burning sensation. For example, you feel no burning when you consume 4 pills but you feel it when you consume 5. Protocol: Continue to take 4 pills mid-meal (each meal) until you feel a burning sensation then cut down to 3 pills, then 2 and so on until you feel burning after 1. This might take months to achieve but stay consistent. As you start producing more acid you should start to notice a positive shift in digestion. Side note: avoid doing this if you have a history of ulcers, and are taking NSAIDS or corticosteroids.



2. Probiotics

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Research continues to show the positive effects probiotics has on digestive symptoms. Probiotics feed your good bacteria in your stomach and help balance out gases and by-products produced by you bad bacteria.

When taking probiotics aim for a supplement with at least 20 billion CFU per daily dose. The best brands have a variety of strains including human strains.






3. Fiber

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passes through your digestive tract and helps maintain normal intestinal function. The best types of fiber supplements are flax seed, chia seed, and psyllium husk.








This article has been written by Patrick Dunn, Certified Nutritionist for shestough.com

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