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A tight core is desired by many females! Try these proven 3 ab exercises!

Ab Exercises:

Whether that’s a six-pack or a slim waist, most females put in countless hours to develop their core muscles. But not all exercises are created equal!

Here are our favorite ab routines to target all muscles in the abdomen area.

  1. Bicycle Crunches A not-so-easy exercise that combines a crunch movement with riding a pretend bicycle.
  2. Mountain Climber In a plan position you drive your knee inwards in fast motion.
  3. Reverse crunch– A great overall stomach exercise that strengthens the smaller core “stabilizer” muscles and improves balance. Drive your leg inwards while laying flat on your back.


Keep in mind to see your abs your #1 priority is to burn fat! Doing countless ab exercises will not burn body fat around your abdomen. Ab exercises simply develop the muscles under the body fat. To burn belly fat, you must follow these principles:

Stay consistent on an exercise program that incorporates resistance training, compound exercises, and HITT training 4-6 days per week. Join Shestough.com today!

– Eat a diet high in whole foods consisting of clean proteins, healthy fats, and low sugar carbohydrates

-Don’t stress too much. A high-stress lifestyle has been shown to increase belly fat in the abdomen

Watch this video for a quick AB Routine by LaToyaForever



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