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Commitment is the REAL Achievement

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Total Commitment

During the phase of adopting a new, healthy habit, we often start a fresh cycle every few
days. Why? Today we discuss ‘commitment’…


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A prejudiced notion always lurks at the back of your mind. It screams loud that success is the only real end point to meet. However, somewhere down the line when you are actually trying hard, you will realize that slacking off a wee bit here and there is not a big deal. If you have quit sugar, per se for a week, and have managed to slack off on the eighth day, then it is no big deal. You can always pick it up right then, and you would be way ahead of yourself back in no time. That mindset is powerful enough to start a raging fire and burn everything
to ashes in minutes.

That Almost is a Setback
The realization phase where you can shrug off the occasional, momentary lapses is no big
deal. At least it seems so when you are in that frame of mind. However, looking ahead of yourself, you would see that these almost situations were a lack of judgment and creates a vicious cycle for you. The longer you are trapped at this stage, the delayed are the outcomes, and furthermore, you are falling behind in the race.

Understand Total Commitment
The problem with these setbacks is that you risk losing the motivation, sometimes gradually.
Motivation drives commitment. Commitments are often bigger achievements than actually
achieving the designated goals.

The past remains unchanged. However, now is all you have. It is the time to go big or go
home. Commit to a 30-day challenge and celebrate that feeling of accomplishment, join the 30-day shestough program! It helps
you to learn that you can break barriers and succeed against all the odds. Now is all you have, after all!

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