Social Media: Don't Let It Ruin Your Body Image and Self-esteem


How to not let Social Media ruin your body image and self-esteem

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Instagram and social media, in general, is full of women in bikinis handing out 15-minute tutorials for thin waists and steel butts. Social media has become a sort of a collection of personalized self-exhibitions of vanity.

While social media is fantastic for keeping in touch and building a brand, it has sure affected women badly.

There’s also no shortage of drop-dead gorgeous social media stars. Being repeatedly exposed to certain accepted norms of beauty sure hurts women’s self-esteem when they don’t fit the type.

25 minutes of yoga may not give you a shiny pack of abs or steel butt. But it’s enough to keep you fit. Fitness should be the goal, not conforming to certain beauty norms/stereotypes.

So here are the golden rules to keep you immune from the damage of social media:

Embrace the little and big flaws: Abandon the thought that you need to the epitome of perfection. There are plenty of people competing for perfection but can you even define the perfect woman? Why let the contemporary definition of a perfect female body hurt your self-esteem? Don’t let it ruin muffins and tarts for you. Embrace your every flaw and wear them like jewelry.

Avoid retouching your pictures: Acceptance of self is central to boosting your self-esteem. Don’t fix your skin tone in Photoshop. Avoid plumping your lips in weird apps. Don’t overthink how sharp your jawline is. Don’t think too much of your ‘thunder thighs.’ Retouching paralyzes you because you start fixing issues virtually. Why not just exercise instead and really shed the extra weight?

When retouching your pictures, you set unrealistic expectations for your body.  Instead of those, try little workout goals and share your progress.

Understand the reality of perfect posts: Pro-bloggers put a lot of effort into crafting immaculate posts. Everyone involved from the makeup artist to the photographer is highly professional. It’s their business to craft perfect posts. Try following a 7-day long project and recreate your favorite posts from best or favorite fashion bloggers. When you start putting efforts into doing the same thing, you’ll know the amount of hard work it takes. And, finally, you will understand the reality of ‘perfect posts’ on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

No Criticism, only inspiration: Every time you look at someone’s mind-blowing, awesome post, feel inspired. Don’t succumb to self-criticism. Someone else’s perfections shouldn’t make you ashamed of your imperfections. Instead, feel inspired and make it a goal to achieve the fit body you idolize.

Final words

Social media should be your daily source of inspiration. There’s absolutely nothing impossible, and your motivation should never be to replicate. Always keep your best interests in mind. Exercise every day and whenever you feel influenced by social media, ask what’s in it for you?

Focus on self-improvement, mentally, emotionally and physically. Be regular with your activity routine and don’t let someone else’s opinion of perfect keep you from embracing yourself fully.

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