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Shestough shares 4 common fitness myths that are sabotaging your results..


  • You have to work out every day.

This is untrue. Research shows that 2 interval sessions per week alone can bring forth results. We recommend at least 2 interval cardio days and 2 weight- training circuits per week to start. Outside of this, the main focus should be on the diet, as this is the key factor in driving results and pushing past plateaus. Once your diet is in check, you should see better results.

  • You have to train for over an hour.

Your exercise duration doesn’t need to be long, but it has to be effective. Research shows that shorter duration exercise routines with more intensity are more effective than longer exercise routines with less intensity. Working out for over an hour can spike your stress hormone and leave your energy depleted at the end. Over time this can actually work against you and slow your metabolism down, which means less muscle building/toning and more body fat gain. Try circuit training, drop set training, and interval training. These modalities can be as short as 20 minutes in length and leave you sweating buckets at the end, without the expense of slowing your metabolism down.

  • Low carb diets

While going lower carb for strictly, weight loss holds some truth; you must be careful. Going too low can significantly affect your energy levels. With low energy levels, you will struggle to push yourself to an intensity needed to see results in your workouts. Try consuming at least one fist portion of carbs per day. If your energy is still low in your workouts, up your carbs to two fist portions, spread out of two different meals. Stick with low glycemic complex carbs like dark fruit, root vegetables, and whole grains.

  • You can out-train a bad diet or poor sleeping habits.

A poor diet and sleeping patterns will automatically increase your stress hormone in your body. Too much stress hormone will put your body into survival mode. Survival mode consists of putting your biological needs before your performance goals. This means fat-storing, aka energy preservation. Get your blood sugar levels healthy by eating a balanced meal plan that consists of clean proteins, veggies, healthy fats, and complex carbs. For sleep, aim for at least 6 hours per night. If sleep is an issue, try doing an Epsom salt bath, meditation, walking, or a stretch out before bed-time. Blue light blocking glasses are also a great idea if you tend to have lots of screen time once the sun goes down. Finally, make sure your room is as dark as possible. Invest in blackout blinds so you can stay asleep all night long.

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Cheat meals are a popular topic of discussion in the world of fitness and physical transformation. To cheat meal or not is the question?

This article can be broken down into two sections. First, cheat meals for putting on mass and secondly, cheat meals for losing fat.


Let’s start with cheat meals for mass building.

It is no walk in the park, putting on weight. Not only do you have to work out, but you also need to eat, constantly. Because of the high caloric needs in order to consistently put on muscle mass, cheat meals can be a beneficial and a convenient way to up your calories. Now depending on if you want to put on muscle, muscle/fat, or just fat, you should watch what you cheat with. Cheating with clean calories will help you put on muscle mass without all the body fat that comes with ‘dirty’ cheat meals. Clean cheat calories can be defined as whole foods that do your body good. Too many “bad calories,” such as sugars, refined carbohydrates, hydrogenated fats, alcoholic beverages, etc., will increase inflammation. This can lead to increased belly fat gain and decreased muscle gain. An example of a clean cheat meal is whole grain pasta, pizza, burrito, or sushi. Focus on higher carb with moderate protein.

Having a cheat meal can also help you power through your workouts. After indulging in a high carbohydrate cheat meal, your muscles will be full of energy. The more energy you have, the more you can power through your workouts and break down muscle fibers. The more you break down, the more you can potentially build up.

In conclusion, adding in a high-calorie cheat meal (high carb, moderate protein) every 2-3 days can be beneficial both for upping your overall calories and increasing your fitness and strength performance.

Now let’s discuss the benefits of cheat meals for fat burning.

Incorporating cheat meals for fat loss is beneficial for satiation hormones. When on a calorie-restricted diet, individuals often struggle with hunger cravings. To understand this more, let’s talk about the two key hormones involved:

Leptin and Ghrelin are your hunger hormones that influence your appetite, satiation, and body weight. These two make sure you don’t get too fat or too skinny. These homeostatic hormones will either trigger hunger (Ghrelin) or satiety (Leptin).  When dieting and losing weight on a calorie-restricted diet Leptin can drop, this is because leptin lives in your body fat, and as you burn body fat, your leptin is triggered. If leptin drops, it gives your brain the impression that you are not satiated. When leptin decreases, Ghrelin increases, which begins to tell your brain that you are hungry. Can you imagine how much harder dieting is when you are feeling hungry all the time?

So how do you increase Leptin while dieting, so you don’t feel hungry all the time?



Having a high carbohydrate cheat meal can trigger a leptin spike. Bare in mind, both fat and MSG (artificial sweetener) can do the opposite. So make sure your cheat meal is more glucose-based then fat-based. How often should you consume a cheat meal? We recommend one every two weeks.

Tips for cheat meals:

A. Make it yourself. When you have a cheat meal at a restaurant, you do not know what is in your food. As discussed above, artificial sweeteners like MSG and high amounts of sodium are typically used in many dishes at restaurants.

B. Consider consuming digestive enzyme, lemons, or apple cider vinegar before cheat meal. A cheat meal can be strenuous on the digestive stem. Digestive enzymes, freshly squeezed lemon in lukewarm water and ACV can all support digestive processes, aiding in the processing of a high-calorie cheat meal.

C. Exercise the following day. After a high-calorie cheat meal, your muscle stores will be full of fuel. Capitalize on a killer workout by exercising the following morning.



Intermittent fasting (IF)  typically consists of 16-hour fast window followed by an 8-hour feed window. Research shows that IF may decrease ghrelin and increase leptin. We recommend incorporating IF in on two non-consecutive days per week to avoid hormonal adaptation.



This is by far the most important. Research shows that sleep deprivation can result in a dip of leptin, giving your constant feeling of hunger.

Increase your sleep health by cutting out all stimulants 12 hours before bed, exercising in the morning rather than evening, and considering a wind-down routine before bedtime. This might consist of stretching, meditation, Epsom salt baths, or listening to Binaural Beats.

In conclusion,  cheat meals can undoubtedly work to your advantage. Bear in mind, and it is a cheat meal, not a cheat day. If you find eating a cheat meal every couple of weeks pushes you off the rails, consider avoiding it altogether. Remember, it is all about balance.


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Weight-loss is a reoccurring topic in today’s world, and most instances, persons are always complaining that they can’t lose weight no matter what they do. If you find yourself in such situations, then you are not alone. The truth is that you don’t need to stress yourself out about why your diet or workout plan isn’t working.

The truth is that you will achieve your weight loss, and you don’t need to stress yourself out in any way. The reason why it seems complicated most times is that you are making a mistake or two along the way. We are going to show you some of these mistakes, and help you find the perfect solution that you seek. The following will help you get into perfect shape and help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Sedentary lifestyle

Most of us consciously live a sedentary life. Just take a comprehensive look at your lifestyle, and you will observe that you are always sitting more often than not. Some persons even go as much as 8 hours sitting daily. Now we are not asking you to change your jobs; however, you can change your routine. Take a walk here and there. You can even incorporate a yoga session during your lunch break. Most persons usually get themselves a standing desk too.


You are eating too fast

It has been proven that people who eat fast usually gain weight much quicker than others. Eating too quickly can be detrimental to your overall weight loss goals. When you eat too fast, your stomach doesn’t have ample time to register the content it has received; hence, you feel hungry.


Your diet doesn’t work for you

Diets can be a bit selective at times. Sometimes they work for specific people and other times they don’t. Just because one particular diet worked for your friends doesn’t mean it will work for you. You have a specific body type, and as such, your body will require its unique diet. Go with a diet that works with your lifestyle and body type. Remember when you are picking a diet, go for one that aligns with your lifestyle. You can get in touch with a nutritionist if you can’t decide for yourself.


Pushing your body beyond its limit

Most people tend to push their bodies beyond the required limit when it comes to exercising. Over time they tend to work too hard, and they end up exhausting themselves. The downside of being excessive is that you don’t give yourself enough time to recover. Make a good workout plan that will be of tremendous benefit to you in the short and long term.


Final thoughts

There are a couple of other reasons why you are not losing weight, and they include stress, setting unachievable goals, too much TV, and lots more. Remember the above points, and commit them to memory. If you avoid some of these mistakes and change your routine, you will soon see some fantastic results in your health and overall weight. Take your weight loss goals to the next step join one of our popular programs here at


1. ShesTough Pregnancy is Safe

While research shows that exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for both mom and babies health, over-exercising can be dangerous. We got you covered on ShesTough Pregnancy. The program is specifically designed to work your body in all the right ways, without overworking your body, so you and baby can reap all the benefits. The exercises, routines, and various programs are all methodically placed to optimize your results and decrease your chances of injury
2. Keep Your Weight Regulated 
Short term, weight gain is normal during pregnancy. But gaining too much weight can put a great deal of stress on mom and the baby. One way you can counteract excessive weight gain is to exercise during pregnancy safely. Research shows that moms who exercise have an easier time bouncing back to their pre-pregnancy body. Don’t make it hard on yourself by beginning your exercise to pre-pregnancy body after the baby is born. Exercise during to keep your body and weight regulated!
3. Stronger Joints, Reduced Risk of Injury, During and After.
Aches and pains are common symptoms Mom experiences while pregnant. This typically comes from the increased load of the growing fetus. If this growing load exceeds the capacity of your joints, you could experience a lot of pain. The ShesTough Pregnancy program is full of bodyweight strength, posture, and mobility exercises that keep the joints strong so you can avoid pain during and after pregnancy.
4. Positive Effect on Mommy’s Mental Health 
Research shows exercise during pregnancy boosts hormones associated with better mood and a less likelihood of anxiety and depression. Need I say more?
What makes the ShesTough Pregnancy Program unique is that it combines strength cardio circuits with stretching, breathing, and other mindfulness like exercises to keep moms brain pumping positive brain hormones to counteract anxiety, depression, and mood swings.
5. Build Stamina and Strength for Labor and Delivery
Let’s face it. Labor and delivery is no walk in the park. It is physically demanding!
Research shows that exercise can increase your strength and stamina, which can make your labor and delivery run more smoothly. The ShesTough Pregnancy Program enhances your strength, stamina, and your pelvic mobility so you can push your baby out like a champ 🙂
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The summer is here, and you know what that means. Lots of cool sugary snacks! To avoid putting on weight in the summer months and looking your best in your bikini here are 4 tips:

1) Move your body

Calories in, Calories out is probably something you have heard before. By simply moving your body every day, you will be burning calories. Whether that be inside the gym, in or working out inside your house. Taking the stairs, getting off the subway a stop before, parking your car further away from your destination are all ways to increase your steps per day. Everything counts. Its time to sweat!

2) Consume a high protein breakfast

By eating more protein and healthy fats, you will feel more full. When you feel more full, you will be less inclined to feel hungry. When you do not feel hungry, you will not eat! By simply increasing your protein for breakfast, you will feel satisfied until lunchtime. Try doubling up on protein for breakfast every day.

3) Limit cheat meals during the week.

Summer is full of sugary treats and snacks. Anyone down for some ice cream? Try to avoid overindulging in sugary treats every day. Instead, try one of these strategies

A) Try to consume cheat meals only on weekends

B) Try to consume cheat meals only on days you exercise for more than 30 minutes

By using one of these strategies you will be less likely to store that sugar as body fat

4) Mix up your workout routine – consider outdoor activities

Summer is great for sweating outside. Mix up your exercise routine with outdoor activities. Swimming, jogging, outdoor circuits, and other sports are excellent choices. This will be a shock on your body, which is a good thing. Shocking your body with new strenuous exercise will have positive effects on toning your body. A simple run around the block can even suffice after an indoor training session. Its time for some sweat under the sun! Join us here for programs that will keep you healthy and fit year round!

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