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Ways To Increase Muscle And Reduce Body Fat

Ways To Increase Muscle And Reduce Body Fat

There is a growing myth that you can’t reduce your body and build muscle. But contrary to that, there’s a way to achieve all that.

The process of building muscle and burning fat is a bit technical. You have to consume enough to aid muscle growth, but ensuring what you are eating has the best nutritional value to help your body use fat stores rather than muscle tissue. To get the best results, you have to add high-intensity cardio and resistance training to your routine.

The following are reliable techniques you can employ to build muscle and facilitate fat burn.


Increase your protein intake

Get plenty of protein. It’s as simple as that. Increasing your protein consumption reinforces your muscle tissue, preventing it from breaking down. When you have amino acids in the body system, the body recognizes that it doesn’t need any breakdown action on the muscle tissue to harvest them.

Try to increase your protein consumption. Experts recommend that you increase your daily protein intake by 1g per pound of body weight (or 1.5g if you are always in the gym).


Reduce your carbs

You were hoping this would not be on the list, but fortunately, it is. It is time to LIMIT carbs, but not all of it. The best time to take carbs is two hours before your workout session and immediately after. Ensure you don’t consume (or limit excessively) any other carbs all through the day except high fiber vegetables. Veggies are volume food; they will keep your energy levels and suppress any hunger.


Don’t go overboard with the calories

Finding your caloric balance will play a key role in helping you burn fat, and at the same time, build your muscle. It would be best if you had a healthy meal that facilitates muscle building while creating room for the release of fat from storage. Note, this is not a diet plan. You just want to find the right caloric number to aid fat burn and muscle gain


Consume healthy fat

To reduce body fat you have to consume less fat right? Wrong! Lots of people often make the mistake of reducing their fat intake just to reduce body fat. While their reason is valid, fats are part of an integral system that helps maintain hormone levels and cell structure, both of which are needed for muscle-building. So, before you get rid of that fat, think again.


Cardio exercises to reduce fat

People often make the mistake of using lengthy steady-state cardio. The result is excess muscle tissue burn, rather than fat born. The solution is to incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your cardio program (Like what we offer here at HIIT can retain muscle mass, and facilitate the use of fat as body fuel.


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10 Weight Loss Tips From Women Who’ve Lost Weight

The weight loss journey is a challenging road, with lots of twists and turns. But the amazing thing is despite its complications, deciding to lose weight has tremendous rewards. Once you commit to it, you have to stick with the process irrespective of the hurdles along the way. So before you embark on any weight loss program, there are some vital things you need to know about weight loss.

First things first, losing weight doesn’t correlate with having a healthy body. Experts suggest that each individual has different ideal/healthy weights all thanks to their medical background, lifestyle, and so on. So, losing weight is not tied to being healthy.

Secondly, there is no shortcut to lost weight. Trying to lose weight as fast as possible is harmful and the results are not what you would hope for. People who lose weight quickly often do so by incorporating unhealthy practices with long-term consequences.

Finally, the best way to lose weight is to engage in healthy exercise and eating habits that you can engage in the long term. Eating healthy meals, exercising your body, and resting adequately all play a key role in any weight loss journey. Furthermore, this method helps you to achieve your weight loss goal, without burning you out or making you feel miserable.

Below is a compilation of essential weight loss tips from the average women who’ve lost weight over the years.


Say no to soda

Sugary drinks like soda do more harm than good in the long run. Rather than consume soda, go for water instead. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but the rewards are worth it. The benefits of water outweigh the sweetness of soda. Water is good for the skin, it energizes you, and lots more.


Don’t go hard too fast

There is nothing wrong with taking things slowly and starting in your comfort zone. For example, if you are scared of running, you can start by walking, and then build up your performance. Remember, even though you are starting in your comfort zone, don’t stay there for too long. Always try and increase your performance levels and activities.


Have a goal

Have a goal in mind before you start your weight loss journey and always remind yourself of that goal every morning. This will help you remain accountable and committed. You can also have people you discuss your goals with. People who would motivate you and remind you of your target.


Have a cheat day

Don’t cut yourself completely from ice cream and pizza. Always have a cheat day where you can eat some of those tasty goodies you like.


Lift weights

Weights play a great role in toning the body and losing weight. The local gym has a sizeable collection of weights that can be of help to you.


Take a break

From time to time just rest and take a break. It will help you relax and refocus


You don’t necessarily need a trainer

Having a professional trainer is helpful but it is not a must. You can have a healthy lifestyle and lose weight by yourself. There are tons of reliable materials online, and instructional videos on you that you can take advantage of.


Fruits and Veggies

Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can. They are packed with essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals.


Focus on you

Try not to compare yourself with other persons. You are just starting your journey, and others might be halfway through theirs. So, pay attention to you, and build your confidence.


Don’t give up

The journey won’t be easy, but every step is worth it. Even when you feel like giving up, remember your goal and what you are trying to achieve.

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Easy Mistakes Women Make In The Gym

A bulk of the mistakes women make in the gym is down to several years of exposure to the wrong information. Getting the right knowledge can set you on a path to maximizing your gym time.

Over the years, people believe that weights were specially for men, while cardio machines were designed for women. Such ideology is completely flawed. One of the reasons women stay away from weights is that we’ve often believed that there is no beauty in muscularity as humans. In addition, weights have been known to add a couple of pounds on the scale rather than reduce it. This leads us to some of the easy mistakes women make in the gym. A bulk of these mistakes are rooted in misinformation and misunderstanding.


Saying no to resistance training

One of the common fears for women in the gym is getting too bulky. The common myth is that the more time you spend at the gym, the more muscle you gain. But muscle gain is not an easy feat. Lots of persons devote a tremendous amount of time chasing muscle gains, and they end up with nothing.

The only way to get bulky is if you eat more and increase your calorie intake. Another way is to take testosterone. Engaging in resistance training will;

  • Boost your bone and muscle density
  • Increase your strength and confidence
  • Enable you to lift heavy objects


On the other hand, resistance training will not give you muscles or make you more masculine.


Engaging in excessive cardio

One of the reasons women engage in too much cardio is because they believe it can help them tone up, lose body fat, and add a bit of muscle fat. Although cardio exercises can help you burn a good number of calories, it won’t help you tone up your body the way you hope for. In addition, it makes it more difficult for you to generate the right muscles that will make your body look chiseled and firm


Shying away from the intensity

Most women like to keep it safe when lifting weights. They lift too many lightweights for too many reps. As much as it is better than sitting on the couch watching your favorite soap opera, it is not very productive. Lifting moderate to heavy weights is ideal and very beneficial. It helps you get stronger and build bigger muscles. Again, weights won’t make you bulky, only excess calories or testosterone will.


Giving up

It is easy to quit most, especially when you do not see the results you hope for. Sometimes the pressure can be too much. Pressure from social media, peers, magazines, and TV can be a bit overwhelming. Even if you do not see your expected results, don’t give up too soon. Your journey is different, and your body is different, as well. The fitness road is a marathon, not a sprint. Some persons expect instantaneous results, but sometimes all you have to do is wait and be patient.


If you can eliminate these common gym mistakes in your routine, you will see some tremendous changes in your body.

Common Myths Regarding Women And Fitness

When it comes to women’s exercise, training, and fitness, there are lots of misconceptions and myths about what women can and cannot do. You probably must have come across some of them like; training makes women bigger, eat whatever you want as long as you exercise, and so on. We’ve prepared this guide to debunk some of these myths. So let’s get started.

  • Weight Lifting Makes You Bigger

This is one myth that has continued to rear its head repeatedly. So, let’s just let the cat out of the bag, lifting weights will not make you bulk up.

The reason for this is that women don’t have enough testosterone that will make them bulkier. On the other hand, men have as much as 200 percent more testosterone, and even at that, it takes years of constant training and the right nutrition to bulk up.

If you are just getting started on weight lifting, you will observe more noticeable changes than if you’ve been doing it for some time. But here is the catch, your hands and legs won’t suddenly become like that of the hulk. The only reason why you would feel bulkier might be because of poor diet and more body fat, but never because of your increased muscle size.

Mind you, people would always talk about your body size, and it doesn’t really matter what their opinion is. What a person might perceive as too muscular, another sees as too light. Opinions change, but the only opinion that counts is yours.


  • You can lose fat in one specific area

We often experience fat trouble in specific areas such as the stomach, thighs, back, and so on. If anyone has ever told you that you can specifically lose weight in a single part of your body, well, sorry they lied. Spot reduction doesn’t work, and it is a myth. The only way you can reduce fat in specific areas of your body is to reduce fat all over your body and increase your muscle size. Mind you, there are particular exercises that you can do to build muscle in those fatty areas.


  • I can eat what I want as long as I am working out

Exercising doesn’t give you the license to eat whatever you want. Although exercising helps you burn calories, the amount is not enough to make up for the junk food you eat. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a cheat meal or engage in the occasional treat. However, you need to discipline yourself and show some restraints.

We all slip up from time to time (but this isn’t an excuse for you to slip); the right thing to do is dust yourself up and start over. Don’t punish yourself by doing more workouts. Follow your program, and don’t go overboard.


  • I haven’t lost any weight, so my program isn’t working

While your weight on the scale is an indicator of how much weight you’ve lost, it not a sure proof gauge for progress. Sometimes the value on the scale can be deceiving. When you are lifting weights, you are adding lean mass, which makes your weight go up even though you are losing fat. Here is the catch, despite the scale showing that you are gaining weight, you looking leaner and muscular.

Using the scale to measure your weight is good. However, it shouldn’t be your only indicator to measure your progress.


Hopefully, we’ve been able to debunk some of the common myths regarding women and fitness. Join one of our female tailored fitness transformation programs to begin your transformation!



If you want to see results, you must stay consistent with your training! Giving up is obviously the most common way not to see results. Here are 3 tips for keeping you on the path of success



  1. Create the cues in your environment


Research shows that environmental cues can trigger a habit. For example, when you wake up in the morning, if you see your cell phone, you are likely to be cued to check out social apps, or if you see chocolate, you are likely to want to eat it. You can use this to your advantage.   If you’re going to lose weight, hang up a pair of old pants you would like to fit into again, put a motivational quote on your fridge that inspires you, or place a yoga mat/dumbbells in your living room. Make sure these items are placed in an area that you will notice every day and keep them visible until the habit has been created. These cues will remind you every day. 


  1. Manifest your results


Instead of setting the intention of getting fit, or losing 10 pounds, or toning your abs, instead see yourself as already there. Use affirmations such as “I am strong”, “I am fit”, “I am healthy”. Research shows that this can be more impactful because it has a more positive effect on your self-esteem. Find an affirmation that creates a positive emotion attached to it after you say it. Make sure to use these affirmations every day until the habit is formed. Habits typically take 21 days to create, so be sure to repeat these words of positive affirmation throughout the day!


  1. Don’t do it alone or hire help.


Research shows that you are more likely to see results if you have a partner. Find a workout buddy! If you have the funds, you can also hire a personal trainer. There are also fitness groups online (such as the ShesTough community on Facebook) that you can lean on for support. The bottom line is, try not to do it alone! You will be more likely to stay on the path if someone is holding you accountable.



Remember that habits take about 21 days to create. Once you pass this period, you will be more likely to succeed.  When you reach your fitness goals, you can repeat these three steps again with new goals, affirmations, and support systems! Join shestough today to receive access to a proven workout and support system to get you to your transformation goals!

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