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1. ShesTough Pregnancy is Safe

While research shows that exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for both mom and babies health, over-exercising can be dangerous. We got you covered on ShesTough Pregnancy. The program is specifically designed to work your body in all the right ways, without overworking your body, so you and baby can reap all the benefits. The exercises, routines, and various programs are all methodically placed to optimize your results and decrease your chances of injury
2. Keep Your Weight Regulated 
Short term, weight gain is normal during pregnancy. But gaining too much weight can put a great deal of stress on mom and the baby. One way you can counteract excessive weight gain is to exercise during pregnancy safely. Research shows that moms who exercise have an easier time bouncing back to their pre-pregnancy body. Don’t make it hard on yourself by beginning your exercise to pre-pregnancy body after the baby is born. Exercise during to keep your body and weight regulated!
3. Stronger Joints, Reduced Risk of Injury, During and After.
Aches and pains are common symptoms Mom experiences while pregnant. This typically comes from the increased load of the growing fetus. If this growing load exceeds the capacity of your joints, you could experience a lot of pain. The ShesTough Pregnancy program is full of bodyweight strength, posture, and mobility exercises that keep the joints strong so you can avoid pain during and after pregnancy.
4. Positive Effect on Mommy’s Mental Health 
Research shows exercise during pregnancy boosts hormones associated with better mood and a less likelihood of anxiety and depression. Need I say more?
What makes the ShesTough Pregnancy Program unique is that it combines strength cardio circuits with stretching, breathing, and other mindfulness like exercises to keep moms brain pumping positive brain hormones to counteract anxiety, depression, and mood swings.
5. Build Stamina and Strength for Labor and Delivery
Let’s face it. Labor and delivery is no walk in the park. It is physically demanding!
Research shows that exercise can increase your strength and stamina, which can make your labor and delivery run more smoothly. The ShesTough Pregnancy Program enhances your strength, stamina, and your pelvic mobility so you can push your baby out like a champ 🙂
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The summer is here, and you know what that means. Lots of cool sugary snacks! To avoid putting on weight in the summer months and looking your best in your bikini here are 4 tips:

1) Move your body

Calories in, Calories out is probably something you have heard before. By simply moving your body every day, you will be burning calories. Whether that be inside the gym, in or working out inside your house. Taking the stairs, getting off the subway a stop before, parking your car further away from your destination are all ways to increase your steps per day. Everything counts. Its time to sweat!

2) Consume a high protein breakfast

By eating more protein and healthy fats, you will feel more full. When you feel more full, you will be less inclined to feel hungry. When you do not feel hungry, you will not eat! By simply increasing your protein for breakfast, you will feel satisfied until lunchtime. Try doubling up on protein for breakfast every day.

3) Limit cheat meals during the week.

Summer is full of sugary treats and snacks. Anyone down for some ice cream? Try to avoid overindulging in sugary treats every day. Instead, try one of these strategies

A) Try to consume cheat meals only on weekends

B) Try to consume cheat meals only on days you exercise for more than 30 minutes

By using one of these strategies you will be less likely to store that sugar as body fat

4) Mix up your workout routine – consider outdoor activities

Summer is great for sweating outside. Mix up your exercise routine with outdoor activities. Swimming, jogging, outdoor circuits, and other sports are excellent choices. This will be a shock on your body, which is a good thing. Shocking your body with new strenuous exercise will have positive effects on toning your body. A simple run around the block can even suffice after an indoor training session. Its time for some sweat under the sun! Join us here for programs that will keep you healthy and fit year round!


What does it mean to be tough?

If you workout do you eventually become ‘tough’?

Toughness as regards to training has had lots of interpretation over the years. Some persons consider it to mean going the extra mile in every training, going through training despite being worn-out or carrying an injury or attacking every training session with determination and passion.

Well, while all of the definition as mentioned above of toughness might be correct to some to some people, they don’t really encapsulate what toughness really means. So what does it mean to be tough?


What does it mean to be tough?

In a nutshell, toughness means doing the right thing at the right time. It is a derivative of discipline and it entails following through on your plan. This could mean eating the right meals at the right time, incorporating the right training regimes, getting adequate rest and so on. Essentially, the best way to get the best out of your training is to be tough i.e. keeping yourself in check, and following through on your plan. So how do you get tough?


Create a plan

The best way to be tough is to create a plan. Having a plan isn’t just a casual affair but rather it requires honesty from you. Your plan tells you where you are right now, where you would like to be at a specific time, and more importantly, it shows you how you will get there. Now this is very important in your female fitness goals, and Shestough targets. Creating a plan helps you to focus your time and effort and analyzing what’s at hand. It helps you to know your weaknesses, and also identify your strength as well. You need to be honest with yourself, in you want to create a plan that will work for you.


Sticking to the plan

The next step in becoming tough is sticking to your plan. It takes a great deal of commitment to follow through on your plan whether in good times or bad. You need the mental toughness to follow-up with your plan in all seasons. Putting a conscious effort into creating a plan actually puts you on the path to achieve it. If you actually create the time, and you put in the conscious effort to make a plan, you would be more committed to it, rather than following it haphazardly.


Maximizing your personal life

Toughness in your personal life revolves around you, your family and friends. It means setting a standard for everyone to follow and holding yourself accountable to it. This means you will show honesty and integrity in moments when you are both right and wrong.

You already know what you want thanks to your plan, you just have to follow up on things that will benefit you, and stay clear of things that will hinder your progress.

Once you set a standard, hold yourself to that standard, and never compromise on it for anything. Because as soon as you start giving yourself an excuse, you will always give yourself excuses. Mind you, the standard your set for yourself and everyone, shouldn’t be average, but a high standard.


Final thoughts

The best way to achieve your goal is to create a plan and we strongly suggest joining today to get your fitness and nutrition plan. The second step is to follow it through no matter what. This is what toughness is all about. Set a standard and hold yourself accountable. Essentially, toughness is all about expecting more from yourself, and not giving failure a chance. When it comes to improving your fitness life, the question “am I tough?” will help you gauge where you need to be, and what you need to do.


Who says you can only workout in the gym?

There are lots of effective workouts that you can do from the comfort of home. At home, workouts can be a true workout if you decide to be intentional with it. Us females are becoming busier in our everyday lives, everyone is now looking for a way to make the most of their spare time to exercise or even finding ways to incorporate in our day seamlessly.

If you are wondering what you can do at home, well you aren’t short of options. From laundry lifts to stair-climbing, there are different options to fit different people. In achieving your fitness goals you have to maximize your environment and that includes making the most of your home as well.

Check some of the effective home workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own space.

Disclaimer: Before you get started with vigorous exercises, please consult with your doctor first.



home workouts stairs-1600

If you have a staircase in your home, then you are in for a treat. You can make use of your stairs for some productive exercises. First, warm up by walking around at the bottom of the stairs for 60 seconds to free up your leg muscles. Then, climb unto the first stair, and back down. Do this for 30 times only. Walk around at the bottom of your stairs for 15 seconds. Next, climb the first two stairs, back down, climb up the first stair, and back down. Do this for 10 times. Repeat the same movement and repetition all through the number of stairs in your staircase, or you can decide to cap it off at 10 stairs.





home workouts laundry-1600

A laundry basket is not just another chore that you have to get rid of; it can be an amazing exercise tool. Make most of your laundry basket any time any day. Take the basket and hold t above your head. Lift it up, and take it back down. Do 3 reps of 15 lifts each. You can take out and even add clothes if you feel it is either too heavy or light for you. This workout can help build your upper back muscles, shoulders, and arms.







dance-home workout

Dancing provides a fun way for you to burn calories. Do you have a favorite song, then put on the speakers and get your move on. Ensure you dance to an energetic, fast beat. The great thing about dancing is that you utilize all of your muscles from your hands to your legs, making it an all-around work out.






If you are looking for a piece of viable gym equipment to get for your home, then look no further than the treadmill. One of the amazing things about the treadmill is that it gives you a variety of options. You can experiment with different types of inclination and speed. Whether you want to jog, run, or walk, the treadmill gives you so much more.



You can never get enough of workout videos. The great news is that you can easily do them from the comfort of your home. Here at we offer many fitness workout videos to help you obtain your fitness goals without any difficulties. The key is to be consistent and follow the workout plans in the video. Join now to gain access to our training videos and be a part of the shestough tribe!


At home, workouts can be as effective as gym workouts. Make your home your workout station by maximizing the various parts of your home. From laundry lifts to stair climbing, you have so much to utilize to achieve your fitness goals!

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What is a vegan diet?

A vegan diet doesn’t contain any form of animal products, and that includes meat, eggs, and even dairy products. As long as it is from an animal, a vegan diet abhors it. Typically, a vegan diet contains fruits, veggies, grains, and food products that do not have any animal heritage.

Once most people hear the term “vegan diet,” the first thing that comes to their mind is eating only veggies and drinking water only. Nevertheless, such an ideology couldn’t be more wrong. Vegans are spoiled for choices when it comes to what to eat, and these numbers are increasing every passing day with new vegan recipes. There are now several alternatives that vegans can make use for their daily consumption that support female fitness plans like the one we offer here at ShesTough.

Therefore, if you want to learn more about what it takes to be a vegan, then you should take a look at some of the unacceptable vegan products and their vegan alternatives. The list might take you by surprise, but many vegan alternatives will serve you nicely. From vegan bacon to vegan cheese, there is so much vegan alternatives that will leave you satisfied. So, check the guide below, and see what is right for you.


Sweeteners: There are some vegan rules that are extremely strict. Take, for example, honey. Some vegans actually eschew honey from their vegan diets citing the fact that that bees play a role in its production. There are others who, only accept honey if the honey is raised in an eco-friendly way. However, sweeteners like refined sugar are entirely off the list; the reason for this is that one of the production steps of refined sugar involves the use of bone marrow. A suitable alternative is a raw brown sugar made from sugar beet or sugar cane.


Meat: This is the golden rule for being vegan; meat is a complete no. From poultry to pork, beef, and just about any other kind of meat is prohibited. The no-list still includes fish and other aquatic animals. Vegans can make do with viable meat alternatives such as seitan, made from bean curds. There are other meat alternatives that are made from grains, tofu, nuts, and other ingredients. Most of these meat alternatives share the same consistency, texture, and taste of several meat products.


Dairy: Vegetarians do not eat meat but can consume dairy products; on the other hand, vegans do not eat any animal products, including dairy. Dairy products usually include milk, butter, and so on — there fantastic vegan alternatives to dairy products in the market. You can make use of margarine made from sunflower oil as you butter substitutes, cheddar, mozzarella as your cheese alternative, and soy-based beverages as your milk alternative.


Eggs: Eggs are a no-no for both vegans and vegetarians because of their animal heritage. As things stand, there is no vegan alternative for eggs, so vegans who love breakfast foods might feel a little bit disappointed. You might be tempted to use egg whites alone without the yolk, but that is still not a vegan meal, and shouldn’t be used.


Gelatine: Simply put, Jell-O is not part of the vegan diet. The reason for this is that one of the primary ingredients used in making Jell-O and other derivatives is horse parts and animal hoof. Both go against the vegan rules, and as such, that makes Jell-O a non-vegan food. Typically, vegans shouldn’t eat any food that is made via the gelatinous process, and that includes gummies and other candies. They fall under the same category as Jell-O.

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