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It’s not always easy to lose weight; there are several factors that play an essential role when it comes to weight loss. Now, these factors could be internal, external, physical, and even sometimes psychological. We’ve identified a series of blockades to your weight loss program and ways to overcome them.


The general consensus is that weight loss is difficult. But this is a faulty assumption that many people hold. Although weightloss is not a piece of cake, it does require a good chunk of work, commitment and discipline, after all, nothing good comes easy. But if you set out your mind to only see the difficulty of your weightloss journey and not the reward, you are setting yourself up for an uphill battle.


Don’t get me wrong, weightoss and weight management requires work, however you have to put in a lot of effort. As earlier mentioned, there are internal factors like genetics and environmental factors that affect weightloss coordination.


Losing weight is undoubtedly challenging, but it is not impossible. It’s crucial to highlight the little accomplishments (eating more vegetables, walking more). Working backward and identifying the obstacles or reasons for a plateau may also be helpful.


Calorie Burn

Eating habits such as the quantity of food eaten play a more prominent role in your weight loss than exercise plan/routine. On the other hand, exercise is a way to keep weight off your body. The way exercise or any physical activity works is that it facilitates the buildup of mitochondria in the muscles (mitochondria acts as the epicenter of cellular energy in the body). When you incorporate exercise into your daily routine, you become more efficient at burning fat and carbohydrates. Overall, people who exercise find it easier to lose weight. Exercising shouldn’t be seen as a penance for eating. Choose to see the fun side of exercising. Exercise and physical activities are great and are effective for weight loss.



Skipping meals leads to excessive eating

One funny thing people who want to lose weight do is that they skip meals.  While it might be tempting to eat as little as possible in a day and even skip entire meals in an effort to reduce calories, such extreme moves can prove problematic in the long run.  Should you subject yourself to this, your body will force you to eat large amounts.  A solution is to eat on a specific timetable. Try eating portioned-sized meals all through the day, that way, your body can anticipate when you will feed it.



Portion sizes

We hinted at portion sizes in the previous point. When it comes to portion sizes, one has to be very careful. The issue with portion amounts listed on packages is that they are generally uneven. Portion sizes can vary and depend on products, the company producing the products and much more. Our recommendation is this: try making a schedule for your daily meals. Working with a trained dietitian to develop an easy-to-follow meal plan is another option. This may be done by tracking your meals in a food diary to determine how many calories you’re actually ingesting (and modifying portion sizes where applicable).



Careless eating habits

Did I just eat that? is a common question when someone is constantly munching on their hands and mouths while casually watching TV or using a smartphone. According to research, eating when preoccupied increases your likelihood of overeating. Making the connection with the brain that you are full and content is possible when you are conscious of what you’re consuming.  Rather than eating every snack you can find on your kitchen cabinet, take time to prepare your meals, and have a timetable on when you can eat daily.



What’s in your medicine cabinet?

Some drugs can contribute to weight gain or hinder weight loss attempts. An example is insulin which is used to treat diabetes. This type of medication may result in weight gain because they interfere in some manner with your metabolism, change your appetite, resulting in water retention, or make you feel tired and less active. Always talk to your doctor if you notice any weight gain as a result of any medication.



What’s your zzz looking like?

One of the most crucial aspects of your physical, mental, and weight well-being is getting enough quality sleep. Poor sleep is one of the largest risk factors for obesity, according to studies. People who get little sleep are more likely to become obese, respectively. Weight gain has a substantial relationship with poor sleep quality. It could also impede efforts to lose weight.


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Essential Guide To Transforming Your Body

A deep dive into various body transformation journeys shows that no two transformations follow the same path, and are similar. Transformations are different and oftentimes they are peculiar to the individuals and methods involved. If you go through a number of reported or documented transformations you will see that they often adopt different methods and applications. Now, these methods and the results they produce, are dependent on activities carried out, food consumed, and the time taken. But one common denominator among all methods is they involve basic applications.

To help you get the most out of your transformation, we’ve prepared a useful guide that will bring you out of your comfort zone, and give you a stunning result.


Have a clear objective/goal

All of your work will amount to nothing if you don’t have a clear objective. You must expressly state your objectives. Experts suggest that you write your objectives out, and remind yourself of these objectives. Make your objectives attainable. The more defined the objectives are, the more likely you will attain them. You need to ask yourself, why do you need the transformation? Providing a clear answer to this question will set you on the path to getting your intended result. You will never succeed if your answers are not clear enough. Know exactly what you want and go for it.


Go the extra mile

This should be the norm and standard for anybody that wants to transform their body. If you are ready to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes, then you will see incredible results. Throughout your transformation journey, you will encounter lots of challenges, but you need to push through. Do not give room for complacency and excuses. Workaround your challenges and see them as a stepping stone.


Measure your expectations

When you have unreasonable expectations, you will soon become disheartened if you do not reach them. Setting a series of modest, attainable objectives along the road is the greatest method to achieve your larger ambitions. It will inspire and motivate you by concentrating on what you have already done rather than what you have still to accomplish.


Invest in your transformation

The human body is complex and as such, body transformation varies from individual to individual. For some, it can be a short and easy road, while for others it can be very intense. Irrespective of your body type, investing in your transformation will go a long way in helping you. From nutrition, to fitness coaches, to guides, to classes, there are numerous resources that you can invest in to bring optimal results.


People who are successful have one thing in common: they trust in themselves. If you speak negatively about yourself, you will get negative results. Believe in yourself and in your ability to get the work done. Have a positive attitude and always speak positivity at all times. Persons that have transformed their bodies are not different from you. If they can do it, you can do it as well.

How To Stay Motivated To Train

How To Stay Motivated To Train

One of the reasons why people find it difficult to motivate themselves for training at the gym is Mental fatigue. In recent times Mental fatigue has gotten lots of awareness including its role when one engages in fitness training. The way the body and brain are intertwined suggests that the brain plays a key role in physical performance, muscle usage, and processing speed. In addition, motivation to do work, train, and workout are championed by the brain.

The emphasis of this article is on mental fatigue and how fatigue plays a role in performance, and how you can leverage willpower to overcome mental fatigue so you can meet your workout program.


What Causes Mental Fatigue

There is no doubt that mental fatigue affects performance, focus, concentration, motivation, and processing speed. In addition, fatigue can deplete endurance, strength, and overall ability to do work. According to a study done by Michigan Technological University, fatigue reduced endurance performance and strength performance by almost 50 percent respectively. There are studies that show that mental fatigue has a negative impact on physical performance. Mental fatigue requires higher than normal exertion to do work. One explanation for this is that when you are mentally tired, the brain needs to send more signals to the body for it to perform. Essentially, this means you feel you would need to work harder physically to achieve any result.

Another explanation is that when the brain is tired, it has to process information differently and this is what makes workouts and training more difficult than they should be.

Take for example, when the feeling of fatigue sets in, tired legs, and wheezing lungs are heightened, and the brain channels that and exhaustion comes into the picture. Ideally, you may be fine and your body may be able to do more work, yet you are mentally unstable to push yourself to do the work.


How to gain workout motivation

There are several ways to push back on mental fatigue and boost physical performance. On one hand, persons use supplements like ergogenic, and nootropics to aid physical performance. On the other hand, there are physical steps people can take to get motivated.

The nature of the exercise you do can have an effect on mental fatigue. For a start, high-intensity short workouts do not require as much mental energy as extensive workouts. Focus on high-intensity interval training which is a low-duration activity with a high-intensity workout. All ShesTough programs are low-duration activities with a high-intensity workout 💪🏽

You can also do things in the office or at home that will keep you focused. The goal is to focus intensely for 20 minutes and take a 5 minutes break at intervals. Short mental breaks can reduce mental fatigue.

During your short break, do an activity that is totally different from your work. Go for a short walk, drink water, or take a nap.


In conclusion

To stay motivated with your training or even work is to manage mental fatigue. You can do this by engaging in high-intensity activities in short periods. Take a break while working after 20mins. Long-duration tasks or workouts spike mental fatigue.






Ways To Increase Muscle And Reduce Body Fat

Ways To Increase Muscle And Reduce Body Fat

There is a growing myth that you can’t reduce your body and build muscle. But contrary to that, there’s a way to achieve all that.

The process of building muscle and burning fat is a bit technical. You have to consume enough to aid muscle growth, but ensuring what you are eating has the best nutritional value to help your body use fat stores rather than muscle tissue. To get the best results, you have to add high-intensity cardio and resistance training to your routine.

The following are reliable techniques you can employ to build muscle and facilitate fat burn.


Increase your protein intake

Get plenty of protein. It’s as simple as that. Increasing your protein consumption reinforces your muscle tissue, preventing it from breaking down. When you have amino acids in the body system, the body recognizes that it doesn’t need any breakdown action on the muscle tissue to harvest them.

Try to increase your protein consumption. Experts recommend that you increase your daily protein intake by 1g per pound of body weight (or 1.5g if you are always in the gym).


Reduce your carbs

You were hoping this would not be on the list, but fortunately, it is. It is time to LIMIT carbs, but not all of it. The best time to take carbs is two hours before your workout session and immediately after. Ensure you don’t consume (or limit excessively) any other carbs all through the day except high fiber vegetables. Veggies are volume food; they will keep your energy levels and suppress any hunger.


Don’t go overboard with the calories

Finding your caloric balance will play a key role in helping you burn fat, and at the same time, build your muscle. It would be best if you had a healthy meal that facilitates muscle building while creating room for the release of fat from storage. Note, this is not a diet plan. You just want to find the right caloric number to aid fat burn and muscle gain


Consume healthy fat

To reduce body fat you have to consume less fat right? Wrong! Lots of people often make the mistake of reducing their fat intake just to reduce body fat. While their reason is valid, fats are part of an integral system that helps maintain hormone levels and cell structure, both of which are needed for muscle-building. So, before you get rid of that fat, think again.


Cardio exercises to reduce fat

People often make the mistake of using lengthy steady-state cardio. The result is excess muscle tissue burn, rather than fat born. The solution is to incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your cardio program (Like what we offer here at HIIT can retain muscle mass, and facilitate the use of fat as body fuel.


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10 Weight Loss Tips From Women Who’ve Lost Weight

The weight loss journey is a challenging road, with lots of twists and turns. But the amazing thing is despite its complications, deciding to lose weight has tremendous rewards. Once you commit to it, you have to stick with the process irrespective of the hurdles along the way. So before you embark on any weight loss program, there are some vital things you need to know about weight loss.

First things first, losing weight doesn’t correlate with having a healthy body. Experts suggest that each individual has different ideal/healthy weights all thanks to their medical background, lifestyle, and so on. So, losing weight is not tied to being healthy.

Secondly, there is no shortcut to lost weight. Trying to lose weight as fast as possible is harmful and the results are not what you would hope for. People who lose weight quickly often do so by incorporating unhealthy practices with long-term consequences.

Finally, the best way to lose weight is to engage in healthy exercise and eating habits that you can engage in the long term. Eating healthy meals, exercising your body, and resting adequately all play a key role in any weight loss journey. Furthermore, this method helps you to achieve your weight loss goal, without burning you out or making you feel miserable.

Below is a compilation of essential weight loss tips from the average women who’ve lost weight over the years.


Say no to soda

Sugary drinks like soda do more harm than good in the long run. Rather than consume soda, go for water instead. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but the rewards are worth it. The benefits of water outweigh the sweetness of soda. Water is good for the skin, it energizes you, and lots more.


Don’t go hard too fast

There is nothing wrong with taking things slowly and starting in your comfort zone. For example, if you are scared of running, you can start by walking, and then build up your performance. Remember, even though you are starting in your comfort zone, don’t stay there for too long. Always try and increase your performance levels and activities.


Have a goal

Have a goal in mind before you start your weight loss journey and always remind yourself of that goal every morning. This will help you remain accountable and committed. You can also have people you discuss your goals with. People who would motivate you and remind you of your target.


Have a cheat day

Don’t cut yourself completely from ice cream and pizza. Always have a cheat day where you can eat some of those tasty goodies you like.


Lift weights

Weights play a great role in toning the body and losing weight. The local gym has a sizeable collection of weights that can be of help to you.


Take a break

From time to time just rest and take a break. It will help you relax and refocus


You don’t necessarily need a trainer

Having a professional trainer is helpful but it is not a must. You can have a healthy lifestyle and lose weight by yourself. There are tons of reliable materials online, and instructional videos on you that you can take advantage of.


Fruits and Veggies

Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can. They are packed with essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals.


Focus on you

Try not to compare yourself with other persons. You are just starting your journey, and others might be halfway through theirs. So, pay attention to you, and build your confidence.


Don’t give up

The journey won’t be easy, but every step is worth it. Even when you feel like giving up, remember your goal and what you are trying to achieve.

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