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The Benefits Of Fitness As Part Of Your Self-Care

The Benefits Of Fitness As Part Of Your Self-Care

by: Sheila Olson of

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Self-care is important for everyone’s physical and emotional health. It helps reduce stress, builds self-esteem, and prevents burnout. Properly making time for activities that put you first can also help you be more productive.


One of the most important self-care activities is fitness. According to PsychCentral, “Vigorous exercise (heart racing and body sweating) for 20 to 60 minutes a day, three to six days a week, increases cardiovascular capacity, releases endorphins (which have a role in reducing stress and depression), and burns excess calories, leading to weight reduction.”


You may feel too overwhelmed to add another thing to your life. Read how to integrate self-care into your life at LifeHacker. The good news is that even a little exercise is better than none! There are also other aspects of fitness you can adapt.


Adding Fitness Into Your Life


Fitness doesn’t have to be dreary or frustrating. Here are some ways you can get healthier now:


Nutrition & Supplements

A healthy diet is important and today, clean eating that tastes good is easy to achieve. For example, there are many safe sweeteners that have a lower glycemic index than sugar, meaning it has less impact on your blood sugar levels. A healthy way to move forward is to reduce sugar and processed food in your diet. Instead, add in healthier options.


To ensure you are getting enough of the nutrients you require, you may need to supplement. Speak to your doctor before starting any diet or supplement regimen.




It’s very important to keep hydrated as you go through your day. Wherever possible, keep a water bottle by your side to make sure you don’t run out. How much to drink? Simply drink whenever you’re thirsty.




Sleep can keep us fit too. Dr. Michael Twery, a sleep expert at NIH, says, “Sleep affects almost every tissue in our body.” It impacts hormones, appetite, blood pressure, and cardiovascular health. In fact, lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity.




Exercise is still an important component as long as you find the right exercise for your current level of health and fitness. It should also be something you enjoy. Examples include swimming, hiking, and dancing. If you recruit a friend, it will be more fun to participate, and you’ll have built-in accountability.


Talk to your doctor about how to select and integrate an exercise routine into your life. He can help you select an appropriate program for your health and weight.


Additional Benefits of Fitness for Addiction Recovery


While everyone can benefit from a fitness routine that is appropriate for them, people in recovery from addiction stand to gain as well. For example, working out keeps you busy with a healthy habit. Read more reasons why exercise might help during recovery in this article from The Doctor Weighs In.


When selecting an exercise program, work with your doctor and your recovery team to select one that you’ll stay committed to. Whichever one you select, be sure not to overdo it. Exercise is beneficial, but it can be addictive and you don’t want to risk a serious injury.


If you are looking for a low impact exercise, yoga may complement your needs. It teaches you both meditation and mindfulness, and these have benefits for people in treatment. In fact, research shows that yoga “can provide energy, satisfaction, and stability on an addict’s road to recovery.”


Fitness is necessary for better health, weight loss, stress reduction, and improved emotional health. All those things are essential to self-care. Even people on the road to recovery can benefit with from the right fitness regimen. How are you taking care of your health today?

Qualities of being a Great Woman!

Let’s be great tough ladies!!

Greatness is a representation of our character ladies! Every woman is gifted with the characteristics of greatness, but it can only be expressed to the world with passion. Passion is the driving element for living our lives with greatness.

Greatness is not a result of an action. It is a journey and can be achieved only with conscious effort. It is much valued than money. Working towards success can only yield money but working towards greatness yields value of life.

Power of positive attitude
A positive attitude is a chain reaction. So it is an essential quality that every woman should aspire to have in order to reach their inner greatness. A positive thought in your actions or events reflects in the outcome. It is not only powerful but also infectious; a person with a positive attitude in a group of people can easily spread the positivity to the other people. For instance, consider a team head with full positive energy can easily spread positive vibes to the team members and motivate them to achieve the target.

Bring difference in others life
Greatness is not changing only your life, it is defined by what you do to bring positive changes in others life. You should never hesitate to spend your time and efforts on the things that can bring a huge difference in others life. When your talent is brought together with your service you will experience the beauty of life with greatness.

Follow your dreams
Your lifetime in this universe is very little; greatness is developed with this understanding. Invest your time productively that makes you happy. Passion and persistence to follow your dreams are very vital to achieve fulfillment. You should develop the courage to follow our gut instinct to put your talents with a desire to achieve your goals and constantly produce the results you wish for.

Quality of thoughts
To develop greatness, you should care about the quality of service you provide. Quality is never a result of one-time investment; it comes with the result of consistent effort. By putting out quality in your service, you boost the quality of your life and capacity. The level of happiness due to the quality of service is incredible. To achieve this, your mind should be filled with full of high-quality thoughts and feelings.

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Why Is the Journey For The Goal Equally Important As the Goal Itself? 🗺

We must have faith that our goals will eventually materialize. Though we all experience at one point or another failure(s), setbacks, and obstacles, giving up won’t serve your goal and purpose.

Staying focused on your goals is necessary. But you can win the goal only when you are walking on the right path. So, the journey becomes as important as the goal. In today’s article, we share a brief analytical commentary to emphasize that the journey is as important as the goal. If you have taken the right route and the journey is justified, the end milestone would be the goal that you want.

The value of journey is equally important as the value of the goal, as the right roads decide the best destination.

Value the Journey & Win the Goal

When you talk about success, it is binary: either 0 or 1. There is no grey area between success and failure. It is all black & white. It is here where many are disappointed, and they give up so soon. It was Edison who quoted that by failing 100 times I learned 100 new ways that didn’t work out. We must have the same attitude. If they value only success, it is not a Utopian world. Setbacks are frequent; not all efforts turn sweet. We should prepare to embrace the failure and value the journey in the same manner as we value the goal. Always remember that with the passage of each day, you are one version improved of your former self.

Experience is our Best Teacher

Goals are hard to find, challenging to pursue and the toughest to make it happen. Do not come to conclusions; you must focus on the efforts, not the results. Many of us think about our goals but never act on it. The moment you begin acting on those goals, it will improve you with every clock strike. Experience is more important than the outcome, always keep that in mind!

One who has never made a mistake never tried something new! Setting goal is as important as choosing the path and facing the consequences with positivity and determined will that no matter what, I will achieve it, if not today, then definitely someday! Goal & success are two things that run parallel and you should make sure that they meet at the cross-points.

Improving Health: 5 AMAZING things that happen when you start lifting weights

We all know that how important it is to keep your body fit and healthy. Maintaining a healthy body helps us to do our work and daily chores without any hesitation. Hitting the gym daily and doing different kinds of exercises for a calculated time helps your body to shred all those unnecessary fats and keep the body trim. So in this article, we are going to talk about 5 Amazing things that happen when you start lifting weights.

  • Boosted metabolism
    Having more muscles in the body helps it to burn the unnecessary fats more easily. So when you workout effectively every day, your body develops strong muscles all around the body structure. The next time you are just sitting idle, you will still be burning fat because of these amazing muscles. Thus lifting weights promotes a much-boosted metabolism in human body.
  • Stronger Bones
    Weightlifting has proven to be very efficient in protecting your bones from damage and erosion for long periods of time. Even though with old age bones get weak but they will be much better in condition than those who never lifted a weight.
  • Better sleep
    If you do weightlifting regularly, you will notice that you are getting much better sleep. Moderate resistance work-out will help your body to re-energize when your body is resting thus getting better sleep hours.
  • Developed brain function
    Working out regularly helps you to make your body fit but also keeps your brain functioning properly as well. A study has proven that lifting weights not only builds up your body muscles but also helps your brain to become more sharp and efficient.
  • Reduce Stress
    We all know that regular exercise and training helps to reduce stress by a great margin & also for improving health. Weight lifting is an amazing technique to cut down those regular amount of stress inflicted on us by our daily activities coupled with a better metabolism.

After reading the article you now know what are the amazing benefits that you will get after lifting weight on a regular basis which is required for improving health. We welcome you to join ShesTough today so we can provide you with the system to help with improving your health. See you inside!


Preparation is an important factor when trying to achieve many worthwhile goals. When you have made adequate preparations for a particular endeavor, you can be sure that implementing it will be very convenient. Preparation is the recipe for success in any undertaking. When you are prepared, you will be better equipped for the challenges that come with the terrain.

Having everything in place is a prerequisite for a focused and dedicated pursuit of your fit goals. The general principle of having everything in place is a fundamental rule that is relevant in every endeavor we choose to embark on. In the world of fitness, preparation is also pivotal for dedication, consistency and worthwhile results.

Why most people have a hard time being physically fit


One of the core reasons why people have a hard time being physically fit is because they are not prepared. Consequently, they become more likely to be inconsistent in the areas that matter. Inconsistency in exercise, inconsistency in nutrition and lifestyle inconsistencies will eventually make it hard to attain desirable fitness results.

Owing to the fact that they are not prepared for the challenges that come with being fit, they tend to perform exercises poorly, and their routines are often disorganized without clarity of purpose.

Preparation will equip you to undertake your fitness journey efficiently and to overcome any difficulty you might encounter in the way. Many people relapse to having the wrong kind of diet because they are simply not prepared. When you cultivate the habit of having everything in place, you can be able to tackle situations before they emerge. In the case of having the right diet, preparation would mean that you have all of the right foods ready before you need them.

Being prepared to become fit must also reflect in your attitude towards exercise. It is expected that you have a schedule drafted with specific details on various routines and distances you will cover.  In doing this, you wouldn’t waste time trying to figure out what to do. You will simply jump right in.

Preparation facilitates the implementation of various programs you have set for yourself.  Contained below are effective ways in which you can prepare yourself for physical fitness.

  • Psychological preparation: Psychological preparation is imperative for fitness success. Psychological preparation simply means that you have your head in the right place. When you are focused on your goals and the attainment of your set objectives, you can be sure that you are gradually building your psychological readiness. In the case of physical fitness, it simply means that you consistently visualize how you want your body to look. More so, it is expected that visualize all of the challenges you may face in the process and have the mindset that you will overcome all of them.
  • Identify your core objective: when it comes to being prepared, you must first have a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve. Being able to visualize what you are trying to achieve is the first step of being prepared. Knowing your fitness goal helps you articulate all the requirements you’d need to achieve it.
  • Create a food diary: One of the biggest challenges faced by women on the fitness journey is the problem of nutrition. Having a food diary is one of the best ways to keep track of everything you eat and how it affects your fitness goal.  When you have a food diary that details everything you consume, you are better equipped to identify what is suitable for your fitness goals.
  • Identify the reasons why you eat unsuitable meals: When it comes to having a fit body, the right nutrition is very important. With that being said, it is imperative that you are able to refrain from eating meals that are not ideal for your fitness goals. However, there are times where we knowingly eat things that are not ideal. Often, we do this because of certain emotional reasons. Being prepared means that you should be able to introspect and identify the situation and emotions that made you violate your nutrition plan. With a proper understanding of the situations and emotions that prompt certain actions, we become better positioned to avoid them.
  • Have your exercise diary: Just as it is important to be prepared with a nutrition diary, you should also have an exercise diary to keep track of your advancements in the gym. This allows you to know areas that need improvement and also feels you with a sense of accomplishment which gives you the strength to keep going.

Being prepared for fitness means that you are ready for challenges and setbacks that may occur. It is imperative that you prepare your mind and body for these hurdles. Most importantly, you must anticipate possible difficulties that may emerge and find practical solutions to them before they occur. Ultimately, being prepared means being optimistic and resilient until you attain your fitness goals. Joining shestough programs ensures you are fully guided on your fitness journey. See you inside.


Bloating? 4 daily habits that are causing you to bloat

Are you bloated? 

Today’s article aims at educating you on some 4 habits that have a huge impact on how bloated you feel.

There are lots of scientific and medical definitions of the word ‘bloating’ but generally; it is an accumulation of air or gas in your belly. Interestingly, bloating isn’t only as a result of the type of food you eat, some daily habits could also result in bloating. Habits such as wearing a tighter pair of jeans, tummy woes, tight belts and lots more, could lead to bloating.


  1. Drinking Through a Straw

Using straws in sipping your drinks and fluids can be a normal habit but it might interest you to note that these straws are causing more harm than good to your body. Are you wondering how? Well, according to Taub-Dix, author of Read It Before You Eat It, every time you sip through a straw, air comes up before the liquid thereby leading to bloating overtime.  This is also associated with water bottles with a built-in straw. Adopt the habit of sipping directly from your lid to save your belly from bloating and unnecessary discomfort.



  1. Stress

Stress causes lots of havoc to the human system. It prompts people to rush through their meals, skip going to the restrooms and stuck up lots of air during anxiety attacks. One of the best ways to cope with stress to prevent as well as relieve bloating is dedicating time to eat slowly and cherishing your eating time. Don’t work and eat. Managing stress is key to reducing bloating.



  1. Chewing Gum

Most people tend to chew gums to keep them away from eating between meals. Though this might be working for them, Bonnie Taub-Dix a registered dietitian nutritionist has opined that “When people chew gum, they unintentionally swallow some air which most often leads to bloating.” In addition to that, she stated that a good number of gums are made up of alcohol and sugar, which tends to cause bloating and gassing as well. Rubin further beamed that sugar-free sticks are generally made up of sorbitol, which can cause a ton of stomach issues, bloating included. If you are a gum addict and your belly is feeling these effects, guess it’s time you stopped chewing gums.



4. You’re Feasting on Fiber

Though there are lots of health benefits associated with the consumption of fiber, such as in weight loss, good heart condition and lots more, shooting up your fiber intake all at once could lead to bloating. You will be better off if you gradually increase your intake over a number of weeks. This will enable your stomach to have adequate time to adjust and manufacture the required enzymes needed by your stomach. According to a research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, always ensure you get your fiber from whole, unprocessed foods such as vegetables, whole grains, and fruits as a good number of packaged foods are enriched with inulin a form of fiber that is difficult for the stomach to digest.


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Optimal health is obtained  through proper nutrition and today we share with you 5 essential nutrients for females

1. B Vitamins

B vitamins (including B12 and folate) are key essentials for a woman’s metabolism, nervous system, and energy maintenance. Getting adequate B vitamins also help to prevent fatigue and boosts cognitive function. Vegans must supplement with B12 as it is only found naturally in animal products.

Sources: eggs, animal products, leafy greens, legumes and more.

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2. Omega 3’s

These essential fatty acids (EFAs), EPA and DHA, play many roles in the body, including buildings healthy brain/nerve cells. Omega 3’s can also ease menstrual pains, decrease chances of developing osteoporosis and boost overall mood. Omega 3’s have also been shown to reduce the risks of heart disease.

Sources: Fish, walnut, broccoli, flax seeds, olive oil, etc.

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3. Vitamin D

vitamin d shestough

Over the past decade, dozens of studies have revealed many important roles for vitamin D, the nutrient that skin cells produce when they are exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is important for bone/skeletal health, brain functions, preventing mood disorders and hormonal balance since it acts very similarly to a hormone once inside the body.

Sources: 10-15 minutes of Sun exposure (no sunscreen), eggs, dairy

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4. Iron

iron x shestough

Iron, too, remains a critical nutrient. It is essential for healthy blood cells. It becomes especially important when girls start to menstruate. If enough of iron is not taken in the diet, it can cause anemia. It is also recommended during pregnancy because, at the time of the delivery, there is a lot of blood loss.

SOURCES: eggs, fish, beef, liver legumes, green leafy vegetable, beans, etc


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5. Calcium

calcium x shestough

Calcium is perhaps the most essential nutrient when it comes to bone health. Bones need continuous maintenance, or they can weaken and break. If your diet is low in calcium, your body will take calcium from your bones to keep blood calcium at normal levels.

Because of hormonal reasons, women are more prone to osteoporosis or thinning of the bones than men. But remember, bone consists of much more than calcium, and the factors affecting calcium levels in bone involve more than dietary intake. These factors include adequate weight-bearing exercise on a regular basis in combination with hitting your daily requirement’s of the following nutrients: Vitamin d3, magnesium and vitamin K2. These nutrients work synergistically with calcium to keep your bone health balanced.

Sources: Dairy, greens, legumes

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9 Workout Motivation Tips

Do you find it challenging to Work out after Work? Here are 9 Essential Workout Motivation Tips

shestough x latoyaforever

If you find it difficult working out after work, today’s write-up will provide you with 9 essential workout motivation tips that will amplify your energy and motivate you into exercising.

For a good number of people, once they step out of their workplace, they are done with the day’s activity. They get down to filling their empty stomach with lots of junk foods while hanging out with friends, watching the television at home or lying on their couch.

I can’t blame you if you’re among these set of people as it can be stressful attending to junks of emails, calls and other activities associated surrounding your workplace. The good news is that irrespective of how tight your schedules are, or how exhausted you get after the day’s job, there are action-taking workout motivation tips that will boost your low energy level thereby assisting you in staying fit and healthy.

But before we jump into these workouts motivational tips, here are a couple of possible reasons why you get tired.



Irrespective of how old or young you may be in your career stages, job burnout can happen to you. This is common with people with jobs that are physically and mentally demanding.



People, who consume a significant amount of processed foods, are at higher risk of nutrient insufficiency compared to those who consume whole food. This is because processed foods are low in nutrients with high calories. 



Depriving yourself of adequate amount of sleep is one of the major causes of fatigue. When you do not get enough sleep, your body won’t function properly and will find it pretty challenging to re-energize itself. There are a couple of other adverse effects associated with sleep deprivation such as weight gain, memory loss, and low energy.



Sodas and even fresh juices, and other beverages with high sugar content can make you feel weak and tired after about an hour of consuming it. This is because even though they increase energy levels, within an hour the blood sugar level reduces thereby leaving you tired and weak.



Fatigue is one of the primary symptoms of a couple of diseases such as diabetes, anemia, arthritis, and thyroid. People with this illness, feel tired most of the time. God forbid this applies to you.



Studies have it that people who wish to lose weight and stay fit, need to be mindful of the number of calories they consume. But that doesn’t mean you should totally stay off it, as low-calorie intake can lead to low energy. The body needs an adequate amount of fuel from food in order to restore lost energy.


Below are 12 workout motivation tips that will bolster your energy and motivate you to exercise



When your body’s blood sugar level is low, you will feel weak and tired. After leaving your workplace, there is a higher possibility that your energy level has declined tremendously. Consuming fruits, as well as foods rich in protein and carbohydrate will provide you with the right amount of energy needed for exercising. Desist from eating heavy meals before a workout as they will undoubtedly lower your workout functionality. An apple or two bananas should do.



Walking is a low impact activity that requires less willpower and energy as opposed to full body workouts. You could take a 20-30 minute walk instead of laying your back on the couch. Walking prepares your body for a couple of high impact exercise. Research has it that 20-30minute walk aids in eliminating fatigue and increases your energy.



Taking a short sleep after work can help in boosting your low energy levels. You might be tempted to sleep for a few more hours, but that will only make you lazy. Studies have it that 20-30 minutes of zzz’s is just enough to reenergize and boost your energy.



Aim to include all essential nutrients in your dieting. Consuming lots of whole foods may lower risk associated with nutrient deficiency. 

You can also opt for supplements rich in nutrients if you find it difficult getting all the essential nutrients from your diet. Also, note that low vitamin B12 intake leads to fatigue.



Scheduling your workout processes is the perfect way to preparing for a workout. It is pretty easy to adhere to a workout routine than try working out with any prescheduled plans. Write down the exercises you intend on killing in each day. Going through your workout plans every morning will awaken your spirit and energy. Consider the shestough program for a well rounded structured program. START TODAY!



Getting a workout partner is of great benefit as they motivate you into exercising even when you have low energy. It essential to go-for work out partners that are fitter than you as he/she will propel you into working harder and staying persistent. Again, your workout partner can be LaToyaForever when you follow her videos on – START TODAY!



If you fail to get an adequate amount of sleep, there is the possibility that you might find it difficult to exercise after work. Ensure you get approximately 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Workouts can assist you to sleep better, and you will be more energetic the following day. 



The muscles needs and body also needs some time to relax and recover. Therefore do not exercise every day. Exercising every day can lead to low energy level as well as fatigue. Aim at exercising at least three to five times every week.



Finally, you should pay a visit to your medical personnel or any doctor, if after trying out the above-listed tips; you still experience low energy on a daily basis.

We hope these 9 motivation tips help you with including fitness into your daily routine. Do not allow your tight schedules to take away your workout time. If you find it difficult to exercise in after working hours, you should try working out in the morning before heading to work. Got any additional tips? let us know in the comments below.


More booty workouts for you boo!


Did somebody say BOOTY? 🍑 Y’all know I love a good BOOOOTY workout.🤣🤣🤣 I’m all about getting this booty gainz from the comfort of my own home, y’all I still don’t have a gym membership. We get these gains from HOME YASSSS🙊🙊🙊 In this video, I show you one of my favorite booty workout if you want that booty to be on FIYAH make sure you LIFT HEAVY and while you’re doing this workout squeeze the HECK out of your GLUTES 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🤙🏽 FAV BOOTY

1. 10 dumbbell Squats
2. 10 Alternating Jumping Lunges
3. 10 Dead Lifts
4. 15 Donkey Kicks each leg

3 sets YOU👏🏽GOT👏🏽THIS👏🏽
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Check out part 1 of the booty favorite exercise videos:




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