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How To Stay Motivated To Train

How To Stay Motivated To Train

One of the reasons why people find it difficult to motivate themselves for training at the gym is Mental fatigue. In recent times Mental fatigue has gotten lots of awareness including its role when one engages in fitness training. The way the body and brain are intertwined suggests that the brain plays a key role in physical performance, muscle usage, and processing speed. In addition, motivation to do work, train, and workout are championed by the brain.

The emphasis of this article is on mental fatigue and how fatigue plays a role in performance, and how you can leverage willpower to overcome mental fatigue so you can meet your workout program.


What Causes Mental Fatigue

There is no doubt that mental fatigue affects performance, focus, concentration, motivation, and processing speed. In addition, fatigue can deplete endurance, strength, and overall ability to do work. According to a study done by Michigan Technological University, fatigue reduced endurance performance and strength performance by almost 50 percent respectively. There are studies that show that mental fatigue has a negative impact on physical performance. Mental fatigue requires higher than normal exertion to do work. One explanation for this is that when you are mentally tired, the brain needs to send more signals to the body for it to perform. Essentially, this means you feel you would need to work harder physically to achieve any result.

Another explanation is that when the brain is tired, it has to process information differently and this is what makes workouts and training more difficult than they should be.

Take for example, when the feeling of fatigue sets in, tired legs, and wheezing lungs are heightened, and the brain channels that and exhaustion comes into the picture. Ideally, you may be fine and your body may be able to do more work, yet you are mentally unstable to push yourself to do the work.


How to gain workout motivation

There are several ways to push back on mental fatigue and boost physical performance. On one hand, persons use supplements like ergogenic, and nootropics to aid physical performance. On the other hand, there are physical steps people can take to get motivated.

The nature of the exercise you do can have an effect on mental fatigue. For a start, high-intensity short workouts do not require as much mental energy as extensive workouts. Focus on high-intensity interval training which is a low-duration activity with a high-intensity workout. All ShesTough programs are low-duration activities with a high-intensity workout 💪🏽

You can also do things in the office or at home that will keep you focused. The goal is to focus intensely for 20 minutes and take a 5 minutes break at intervals. Short mental breaks can reduce mental fatigue.

During your short break, do an activity that is totally different from your work. Go for a short walk, drink water, or take a nap.


In conclusion

To stay motivated with your training or even work is to manage mental fatigue. You can do this by engaging in high-intensity activities in short periods. Take a break while working after 20mins. Long-duration tasks or workouts spike mental fatigue.






Simple Hack To Aging Well

One Thing You Can Do Daily To Age Well 👆🏼

This might come as a surprise to a lot of people; sitting on the floor plays a crucial role in prolonging your life and helping you live stronger 😮.

We know that when you have the choice of seating on a comfy chair or a cozy couch, or a hard floor, odds are everyone will go for the first two options. Nevertheless, the simple act of seating on a hard floor is more favorable.

A 2014 research in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology discovered that getting up from the floor is a prominent factor for longevity in people between the ages of 51-80. According to the study, those who could easily sit and stand from the floor were more likely to outlive those who found it challenging. A recent study in 2020 also backs this finding. According to Gbolahan Okubadejo, MD, an orthopedic surgeon, the ease with which we stand up and seat, and vice versa, is a reflection of our entire health, wellness, functionality, and fitness.

Do you find it challenging to sit on the floor or get up? The good news is that sitting on the bottom is a simple act and can help you maintain functionality and strength as you grow older.

Spending sufficient time on the floor daily can be very beneficial in the long run. Below is a list of some of the pros of seating on the floor.

Improved Balance and Coordination
Seating on the floor and getting back up helps improve balance and coordination. According to Dr. Okubadejo, repeating the act over a period of time will help with stability. This is vital as you age because it helps reduce falls and resulting injuries.

Improved Mobility
Moving to and fro the floor requires the use of muscles around several joints and body parts like knees, elbows, feet, wrists, shoulders, and so on. Consistently doing this daily will improve your mobility. The daily practice engages your muscles. This means you are helping your body and joints move through many motions, which are essential to how you move as you grow old. The action also enables you to stay injury-free.


Strengthen your core and legs
According to Dr. Okubadejo, sitting on the floor will enable you to build a stronger core and legs. The core is heavily utilized and engaged when standing from the ground. Therefore getting up from a sitting position helps reinforce your core and legs.
One way to look at it is to imagine doing an exercise like squatting. So when you sit and get up, you can take it as several repetitions. The key is to be consistent with your actions and follow them through.


Better Posture
Sitting on the floor can help with good posture. The action of sitting and standing can help you build balance and body alignment. So your head, shoulders, knees, hips, and spine are better aligned.


Our everyday lives can be a stressful affair. It gets so busy most times that we lack the time to handle other tasks. While you might feel overwhelmed, and burdened, there are self-development habits you can incorporate into your lifestyle, that will make life much easier for you.

If over the years, you’ve stressed yourself over incorporating stress management tactics, then you are in the right place. First things first, you are not the only one that is feeling overwhelmed there are so many persons who have lost sleep trying to fit so much into their fitness journey and personal development goal.

People often find themselves stressed out with incorporating so many habits, and hobbies into their already packed schedule. The end result is that they find themselves trying to scramble in so much, and in the process, fail to derive maximum satisfaction from each activity.

Similar to getting more time out of each day, there is an opportunity cost involved. But essentially, you should focus on habits and activities that give you maximum satisfaction, and at the same time, amplify your wellbeing and fitness.

Things like spending time with your family, or playing with the kids after work are very vital habits that play a key role in your wellbeing and overall health. While some might consider them to be mundane, such activities are all part of personal development practices.

Again the focus should be on what makes you happy, with emphasis on activities/habits that amplify your health and well-being.


Monitor your behavior and goals

Your behavior and goals are repeatable and they happen at various points in your life. If you look back at the last few years, you would notice that there are patterns that are repeated. Take note of those habits that induce overload. The best way to go about this is to create a list of everything you do daily

For example:

  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Playing Squash
  • Reading a Magazine

Writing your list gives a sense of clarity and control. You tend to know what takes your time, and what you can give more time to.


Why putting it in writing is important?

Writing is very beneficial. It will enable you to notice your best attributes and positive habits. Seeing your list enables you to identify what you give much or less time to. If on your list, you exercise well, get adequate sleep, and eat well, then you are good to go. On the other hand, If you are lagging in those areas, do yourself a huge favor by including them in your schedule. Writing helps you to;

  • Take note of your positive habits
  • Know what to let go of and as such give time to more essential habits.
  • Identify habits that are similar thus knowing what to let go of.
  • identify important habits, as well as habits that should be prioritized over others.

Fitness Truths You Probably Didn’t Think About

There are various reasons and factors why people fail to achieve their goals. However, one of the biggest contributing factors is excuses. Take a retrospective look at some of those times you failed to do a task, or meet a target. In 8 out of 10 times you will find out that an excuse or two was the reason why. While people like making excuses, one thing we hate is hearing other people (friends, family, coaches) tell us that we are making excuses.

Since you are already here, we might as well just face the truth. Your family and friends might sugarcoat it for you, or even walk around eggshells when they are with you. But right here, you get the hard truth and nothing else.

Excuses do you more harm than good. They make you lazy, slow you down, and prevent you from reaching your target. While some of the things you read here might be a bit hard, you will come out a better person if you get rid of excuses.  Let’s get started.


You eat too much! You don’t have a slow metabolic rate

There are really no discrepancies when it comes to metabolic rate. Nobody has faster or slower metabolism. Metabolic rates are fairly the same for humans. Here’s the thing, if you were to have a fast metabolism, your body will literally heat up. On the flip side, a slow metabolism would mean you can’t even move your body. You eat too much. Don’t blame it on your metabolism.


You don’t possess a natural body type

The talks surrounding body type is a never-ending subject. People usually refer to their body types as one genetics have given to them. However, genetics is not the only contributing factor to your body type. Exercise, diet, sleep, environmental influences, and so on, all have an effect on body type.

So is eating 5 burgers a day your natural diet? Is sitting on the couch all day your natural diet? Of course not. Your body responds to how you want to it to be. Stop blaming it on your natural body type.


Everyone wants you to follow them

One of the characteristics of humans is our need for association. Humans tend to associate themselves with people who share the same ideologies, religious beliefs, and so on. The same can be said for people with similar body sizes. Fat people want you to associate with them, thin people want to stay thin. While there is a sense of comfort that comes from associating with people in the same health bracket as you, it can be difficult to break out of that association and change. If you want to make any changes, associate with folks that are where you would like to be. This gives you the right motivation, in addition to other benefits.


The resources that got you here, won’t take you to the next level

One of the main rules of fitness is never to give up. It is sad to see people give up when they face the slightest setback in their fitness program. Just because a program isn’t working for you at the moment doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Mind you the more you become fitter the slower your progression. If you’ve gotten to a specific stage doing certain things, you will need to revamp things a bit to get to another level. Change is constant. What got you here won’t get you there.

Ways To Increase Muscle And Reduce Body Fat

Ways To Increase Muscle And Reduce Body Fat

There is a growing myth that you can’t reduce your body and build muscle. But contrary to that, there’s a way to achieve all that.

The process of building muscle and burning fat is a bit technical. You have to consume enough to aid muscle growth, but ensuring what you are eating has the best nutritional value to help your body use fat stores rather than muscle tissue. To get the best results, you have to add high-intensity cardio and resistance training to your routine.

The following are reliable techniques you can employ to build muscle and facilitate fat burn.


Increase your protein intake

Get plenty of protein. It’s as simple as that. Increasing your protein consumption reinforces your muscle tissue, preventing it from breaking down. When you have amino acids in the body system, the body recognizes that it doesn’t need any breakdown action on the muscle tissue to harvest them.

Try to increase your protein consumption. Experts recommend that you increase your daily protein intake by 1g per pound of body weight (or 1.5g if you are always in the gym).


Reduce your carbs

You were hoping this would not be on the list, but fortunately, it is. It is time to LIMIT carbs, but not all of it. The best time to take carbs is two hours before your workout session and immediately after. Ensure you don’t consume (or limit excessively) any other carbs all through the day except high fiber vegetables. Veggies are volume food; they will keep your energy levels and suppress any hunger.


Don’t go overboard with the calories

Finding your caloric balance will play a key role in helping you burn fat, and at the same time, build your muscle. It would be best if you had a healthy meal that facilitates muscle building while creating room for the release of fat from storage. Note, this is not a diet plan. You just want to find the right caloric number to aid fat burn and muscle gain


Consume healthy fat

To reduce body fat you have to consume less fat right? Wrong! Lots of people often make the mistake of reducing their fat intake just to reduce body fat. While their reason is valid, fats are part of an integral system that helps maintain hormone levels and cell structure, both of which are needed for muscle-building. So, before you get rid of that fat, think again.


Cardio exercises to reduce fat

People often make the mistake of using lengthy steady-state cardio. The result is excess muscle tissue burn, rather than fat born. The solution is to incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your cardio program (Like what we offer here at shestough.com). HIIT can retain muscle mass, and facilitate the use of fat as body fuel.


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