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Once you create your account and paid via paypal or stripe you will gain access to your program right away.

You can perform the workout at home, outdoor, and/or at a gym. All you need is about 8x8ft training space for a safe workout.

Nutrition is the fastest way to gaining results. We strongly recommend you follow the Nutritional Guideline provided with your program. A little indulging won't hurt but we're pretty certain that the results you gain will mean so much for you that you won't want to mess it up with any terrible eating 🙂

First, whether you're a beginner or advanced at working out be sure that you have clearance from your physician to do any type of exercise. If all is cleared this program is progressive so it's designed for beginners/Intermediate levels and gets a lot more challenging as the weeks go by.

The workout takes no more than 20minutes. You can definitely squeeze a workout before your day starts, mid-way through your day, or when you get home. We're here to push you but let's meet half way!

We love to hear from you. So feel free to contact us anytime or chat with us.

You're backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. Read our refund policy for more details.

Results of course vary. However, if you follow the program thoroughly we're certain you will get results that you will be proud of!

Results vary from person to person. Users have reported a weight-loss of a healthy 6-12lbs on a cycle (30-day) on the shestough program.

LaToyaForever - BrandLead/Video Instructor

Fitness Professionals with over 15+ years combined experience in the fitness industry.

The program is currently in English only.

The female training program is for females 18 years or older of all locations. Let's get TOUGH together!

Nothing physically gets shipped when you join the program. You get instant digital access to all the workout videos and content.

No, you pay a one-time fee. No recurring fees or additional costs 🙂

We have sourced for you very affordable and good quality pieces of equipment. To order simply click the link to the item below:

Tough Equipment:

The majority of the workouts are body weight, however, we suggest a mat and at least 5lbs dumbells. If you can get access to a pair of ankle-weights that will be beneficial as well.

Weight Gain and Tougher Equipments:

5-10LBS pair of Dumbbell.

20Lbs pair of Dumbbell for Deadlifts (Optional)

A pair of ankle-weights


Joining ShesTough today ensures that you get this special low price! Once you have completed a successful payment, you will have access to the program anytime. You can start whenever you like. Access the program as you wish.

The best way to know you have had a successful registration is by checking your e-mail for a receipt confirmation from either Paypal or Stripe (credit card users).

Please log-in at https://shestough.com/login

Then click the big pink box that says ENTER

You should be able to see all the content of the ShesTough Program.

If for some reason it redirects you to the homepage then your browser is blocking our script and we suggest you use another browser or go into private mode and log-in again. We are here to help you if this doesn't resolve your issue.

Although our price is very low plus you get exceptional value for joining the program, we do understand that it could be a barrier for some. If this is the case PLEASE watch this video for some tips and subscribe to the channel for more!


ShesTough uses 2 methods of payment.

  1. Paypal.
  2. Stripe: use this method for all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc

Simple answer: If you have purchased a program you cannot switch to another program. You may purchase multiple programs as needed.


If you're already logged in then go here: https://shestough.com/plan

At this moment we do not.

If you've registered and your payment has failed please login at https://shestough.com/login then go to https://shestough.com/plan to complete your payment so you can get access to the program you purchased. Note: Registration is free but access to paid content requires a payment to be completed.

The TOUGHER Program is for those who have:

  1. Completed the TOUGH program OR
  2. Have been working out consistently for 6months or more

PLEASE DO NOT BUY the TOUGHER program if one of these 2 factors have not been met.

Click here: https://shestough.com/reset-password/

This link can also be found in the login page.

Please allow a few mins for reset email to arrive and please check your spam/trash/junk folder if it doesn't arrive in your inbox. If no e-mail for some reason doesn't arrive feel free to open a chat conversation. We're here to help!

There are many reasons why you may not be able to log in. Here are our some reasons why along with a solution.

  1. You forgot your password. Reset it here: https://shestough.com/reset-password/
  2. Your browser is blocking our scripts - Please try using another browser
  3. You need to clear your cache on your browser. Click here to learn how to do that.
  4. You never actually completed your registration and therefore don't have an account - join here!
  5. Close your browser and restart it.
  6. Restart your computer/phone.

Start a chat anytime to get some support after trying these fixes.