Guess who's getting tougher? YOU and the many other tough gyals like yourself! WOOT! WOOT!

Although while working out it may feel like it's the hardest thing ever, what if I told you that this is actually the easy stuff? Want to know what's the real challenge in your transformation journey?


Working out is like 20% of the equation. The remaining percentage is what you decide to put in your mouth. Nutrition is the most crucial element to getting optimal results!

So please follow the meal plan guideline provided to you in your member dashboard. A rule of thumb for losing weight is as follows:

Eat 3 Meals/day

For your meals, it should have this ratio: 1 protein + 1 handful of complex carbs + 1-2 handful of greens.


Watch this video for some meal ideas:


2 Snacks/day

For your snacks, aim to get more protein and some healthy fats. Avoid heavy carbohydrate foods and drinks as snacks.

If you're looking to maintain your weight or gain weight the key is PROTEIN. Increase your protein intake by at least 30% on top of the meal plan guideline we gave you and follow the workout program fully.



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Stay Tough,


ShesTough Team