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Carbs craving is something everyone goes through sometimes, especially when you are trying your very best to eat clean and stay healthy.

What do you do in such a scenario? Do you ignore it? Or do you give in to your cravings? Or do you find a healthier alternative that satisfies your cravings and at the same time ensure you maintain your health plan?

The latter sounds like the most sensible option. But we understand that lots of people might find it a bit difficult coming up with foods that can help satisfy their carbs cravings, and still ensure they stay within the confines of their health goals. The following info will give you an insight into what carbs craving is and how you can tackle it.


Carbs craving

One of the pressing questions in your mind right now, would be where do carbs cravings originate from? Well, the answer isn’t farfetched. Most cravings are birthed from some form of physiological imbalance in the body. A perfect example of this the level of imbalance in your body when it is stressed out. A lot of things happen within your body when it is stressed out. Your body juggles between high sugar levels and low sugar levels, thanks to a number of factors. The end result is your body thinking it requires more energy, thus leading to some serious carbs craving.

Look back at those times when you had a massive craving for some carbs; you would notice that it was usually when you were stressed out due to work or lack of sleep.

All of these imbalances can be disadvantageous in the short and long term, particularly when it comes to staying healthy. Nevertheless, it is important you know how your cravings come about, and how you can curb them.


What Should You Eat?

In trying to achieve your weight loss goals or fitness goals, the last thing you want to do is give in to your carbs cravings. Doing so will completely derail your plans. There are useful alternatives that you can use during those times when your cravings kick in, try and stock up on your fruits, veggies, proteins, and even fats.

You should also consider long term solutions in the event of stress, lack of sleep, or anxiety. In these moments, your body might call for carbs.

Can I Have Real Carbs

When it comes to losing weight, achieving your fitness goals, and becoming healthy, you need to avoid processed foods that is stacked with carbs and additives.

Your focus should be on healthy meals and plans set out by your trainer or on here following your shestough meal plan. If you must, concentrate on fruits and veggies. The general rule of thumb is to eat healthier carbohydrates foods like cut oats, quinoa, brown rice mixed with good protein and fats. These types of carbs take a long time to breakdown in your system and therefore giving your longer sustained energy.

Mind you, higher carbohydrate food is ideal for post-workout. This is because your body has an increased need for carbs at that time due to the stress exerted on it. This would be the only good time to eat a high carb food item right after your workout to replenish muscle stored glycogen.


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