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Let’s dive into calories..

If you want to lose weight, you must reduce your calorie intake.

Everyone trying to lose weight has heard that phrase at one point in time. Honestly, when it comes to weight management, there are various calorie myths that are being thrown all over the place. One thing that humans do easily is to believe certain ideas and claims without verifying them. What’s more, we also like to hold on to certain ideas for too long, even though they are proved false.

One of such ideas has to do with weight loss and calorie counting. Over the years, there has been evidence that obese individuals consume the fewest calories, and the funny thing is most people still doubt this. In regards to female training and general weight management, there is a need to educate people on the role calories play in weight loss.

Learning the effect of protein, carbohydrate, and fat in regards to their weight management, will help them let go of previously held ideas both calories and weight loss.



Protein is beneficial to the body in lots of ways. It helps with metabolism, and also weight loss. They possess an equal amount of energy when compared to carbohydrates. However, protein is rarely used up as a source of energy, except in extreme cases. Whenever protein is used as energy, it deprives the body of its lean mass, and it also affects metabolism negatively. When this happens, fat loss reduces, leading to excessive weight gain.

Proteins play a prominent role in weight loss and general weight management. Dietary protein makes you more full than carbs or fats on the same calorie basis. This helps to reduce cravings and overeating. It also boosts energy utilization.



Over the years, the fear of fat has led people to gain more weight than they would have hoped for. Whereas persons kept reducing their fat intake, they kept getting fat. This happened because people have been misinformed on what fat does to the body. So whereas they stopped consuming fat, they replaced with sugar. Dietary fat was never the villain when it comes to obesity. In fact, research shows that dietary fats have the same satiety level as protein diet. The combination of this with low carbs will generate more free fatty acids and as such, facilitate energy utilization. Research shows that a high fat/low carb diet is beneficial to your short and long-term female training and weight management plans.



Carbohydrate is easily the most discussed form of calorie. Since the USDA roll-out of the Food Pyramid Diagram and the suggestive importance of grains, this has resulted in an increase of carbohydrate intake in the American diet. This ultimately has contributed to the increase of obesity in society. The British Journal of Sports Medicine pretty much summed up the calorie intake of carbohydrate and what we need to be doing: “research indicates that cutting down on dietary carbohydrate is the single most effective approach for reducing all of the features of the metabolic syndrome and should be the primary strategy for treating diabetes with benefits occurring even in the absence of weight loss.” 

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