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How Physical Fitness Helps With Addiction Recovery

How Physical Fitness Helps With Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

Fitness Helps With Addiction Recovery

Guest Blog entry by Sheila Olson of fitsheila.com

It was rough when you weren’t sober. You knew you had to stop using, but that’s the thing about addiction — it’s not exactly easy to quit. But thanks to some friends, a good program, and some inner strength, you managed to beat your substance abuse problem.

As you start your journey through addiction recovery, you know you’ll need help. Even the strongest person has weak points. That’s why you need to work on your physical fitness. Being healthy and fit can facilitate your addiction recovery efforts and help keep you clean. After all, you really should be concerned with your total wellness.


Total Wellness Includes Physical Health

One reason people have substance abuse problems is poor health. It’s not hard to get addicted to taking prescriptions or “self-medicating” when you’re constantly in pain or a state of discomfort. To improve your total wellness and stay on the straight and narrow, it helps to improve your physical health.


The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains that being active can help people fight substance abuse. There are many benefits to your body from exercise, such as a stronger heart and immune system. But physical activity also benefits your mind. It releases hormones like endorphins that boost your mood and reduce your stress.


Your body and mind are interconnected. As you improve your physical health, your mental health (and your total wellness) improve as well. In fact, researchers are currently exploring how exercise can help fight depression. In other words, staying active can help you feel better. And when you’re feeling better, there’s less chance of slipping back to your old habits.

Physical Fitness Tips

Sure, physical health is important to your addiction recovery. But how can you get fit? There are many things you can do, from eating better to playing team sports. The sweet spot for someone recovering from substance abuse is exercise that helps improve your mental health as well. Although any exercise can do that, Blackmores lists several exercises great for the body and mind. These include:

  • Swimming, which is great for cardiovascular health.
  • Hiking to stretch the legs and enjoy time outdoors in nature.
  • Gardening can be surprisingly active, and it feels great to help something grow and thrive.


You might have already thought about the benefits of yoga. It’s trendy these days, and for good reason: yoga has been shown to help you improve how you react to stress by helping you achieve a peaceful, meditative state. For someone in addiction recovery, that can literally be a lifesaver. Another bonus of yoga is that it can easily be practiced at home. All you need is a yoga mat and enough room to stretch out. If you find that yoga is keeping you in shape and helping you find emotional balance, consider setting up a space that can be used for practicing yoga and meditation; you can dedicate a whole room to these calming activities or even just set up a corner in your bedroom with your mat, a yoga block, and a natural element like a plant.

Stay On Track By Getting Fit

There are many benefits from getting physically fit. Losing some weight and socializing with others are just two. But when you’re in addiction recovery, it can help you stay sober by improving your mental health and total wellness.

Sculpting Tough Legs and a Bigger booty

Leg Exercises

Who wants tougher legs and a bigger booty?

Ladies, let’s be honest, you’re on Instagram, and you see these IG models, and it’s hard not to wonder how do they have these thunder legs and big butts? Some might have done butt injections but for some have put in the work in the gym. Believe it or not, they’re just ordinary people who have worked hard on the right leg exercises, the exercises below!

#1 Squats – Coming as perhaps no surprise to anybody, squats are a superb option to develop your glutes. Although squatting can be a tough routine that requires a strict form to master, we recommend sticking with it because you’ll see results.



Whether you use dumbbells or not, one of the most critical factors is the width of your feet. When close together, your thighs will burn when squatting as opposed to the buttocks. Therefore, you should move your feet a little further apart and then you’ll start to activate the glutes If you visit the gym, bang out some leg presses too because this will be your friend.

#2 Lunges – With a dumbbell in each hand, lunges are another exercise that burns but bring great rewards. Remember, perfecting the lunge is all about taking your time and creating the 90-degree right-angle with your legs. During the motion, your knees should never move past your toes, and you should feel it right down the back of your legs and across the glutes.

#3 Deadlifts – Assuming you have the correct form, this exercise will work your hamstrings, lower back, and buttocks. If you’re alone in the gym, we recommend skipping this one because you need somebody watching you for form’s sake. As you come up with the barbell or two dumbbells in your hands, squeeze your buttocks with the weights close to your legs and a slight bend in the knee.

#4 Donkey Kickbacks – Here is a great leg workout that also engages your abdominal muscles. With both hands and knees on the floor, you can kick one leg backward (hence the name ‘kickback’!) as far as you feel comfortable. While stretching the leg outwards, you need to keep your balance steady to prevent falling over one way or the other.

Extra Tip: For an added challenge, use ankle weights for some resistance!

Bonus: UpHill Run – your glutes are automatically activated as you walk and ascend. With a backpack, it’s like adding weights, and your glutes, quads, and calves will all get a tough workout. Considering you’ll be breathing in fresh air as opposed to the moist gym air, UpHill Running does provide a fantastic exercise for the inside of the body as much as the outside.


Try these leg exercises and you’ll soon have tougher legs and a sculpted butt just like your favorite IG models, and everybody will be looking at you for motivation instead!

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Ways To Lose Weight

Here are 5 practical ways to lose weight for females.

We hear ‘Weight-loss’ everywhere! It’s a trending topic mostly among women. Many want to slim down to have that shape they so desire; they want this to happen overnight. They want to lose weight in a few hours. Therefore they go for any weight loss pill or fads that come their way. Some even go through an extreme and dangerous way of starving themselves for days in a bid to shed some weight. Low and behold! There is no shortcut to success. There is no magic pill! Nor does starving yourself bring any guarantee in weight loss. All that you need to do to lose weight is the simple yet effective lifestyle and diet modification. Today I will be giving out a few ways to lose weight that you can follow to help you lose weight (almost permanently).


1. Always Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy food always is at the top of my list. This is because you are what you eat. The body needs healthy foods to keep the dead and worn out cells replenished. It also requires energy in the form of calories for its optimal function which it is the sole responsibilities of healthy food to supply. When you give your body what it wants everything runs optimal and your weight loss goals will manifest. Be alert that many foods today are advertised as healthy but it’s all a marketing scheme. The rule of thumb is if you cannot pronounce the ingredients it’s probably junk for you! Healthy foods mostly come from nature. Don’t forget the more natural, the healthier.


2. Eat moderately every day

Heavy eaters end up becoming fat and heavier, but when you eat smaller portions throughout the day you will reduce your hunger. More so, the food will take less time to digest, making it available for utilization by the body. When you eat lesser quantity and more frequently, your metabolism rate increases, therefore, creating the environment for burning calories. Heavy eaters get fat easily and find it very difficult to lose weight then they want. I advise you take it slowly to avoid jeopardizing your weight loss goal.



3. Planning Your Meals each day.

If you don’t plan, then you surely have prepared to fail. Socrates says that an unexamined life is not worth living, this is a more reason why you should always plan your meals ahead. Planning your meals in an effort to lose weight is how you get it done. It will prevent you from going for any junk stuff you see in the convenience store. Taking already made meals in the food stores which most times are very high in calories, salt and preservatives sabotage your weight loss goal. When you don’t plan your meals, you end up going for anything you see on the table. Instead of losing weight you will simply gain, because of the massive intake of calories. Always plan your meals, it will help you get to your weight-loss goals.



4. Drink Lots Of Water

Water is life, because of the vital role it plays in the human body. In the transportation of food materials to the bloodstream where it is needed. Water helps quench unnecessary hunger and thirst. It does this by giving you a sense of fullness when you feel hungry. It is to say you eat less when you drink a lot of water. Moreso, drinking a lot of water helps moisturize your skin and keeps it fresh as ever. The world health organization recommend at least seven glasses of water a day for adults.



5. Exercise more often

Exercise is vital for weight-loss. Living a sedentary lifestyle will only complicate issues for anyone trying to lose weight. Even if you have the best weight loss pills in the whole world, but still don’t move you will likely not lose weight. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean you need to visit the gym every day. It simply means incorporating more vigorous movement for a minimum of 20-30 mins a day. You can partake in a simple exercise like taking a walk down the street to your destination instead of calling an Uber. Jogging for few minutes every day can go a long way too. Taking the stairs up a building instead of the elevators counts too. If you need a structure exercise guidance than we strongly suggest you join Shestough.com today to kickstart your journey to healthy weight loss and adopting a healthy lifestyle!

Final words

Losing weight is a journey, that takes time and lots of effort. It is not given on a platter of gold; rather you work for it by putting to practice all the ways to lose weight I have mentioned above. Make it a habit of doing this every day, and surely your effort will be rewarded with success.

Stay Tough!

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