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Progression of your program is key to your fitness results!

Want results? Progression is key, continue ‘shocking’ your training program. Let us explain below:

Progression is key and the one thing that keeps our heads in the game when enduring on a physical transformation. If progression slows down or even freezes, it can create a lot of irritability. This is the last thing we want. Today we are going to discuss the top 5 ways to minimize plateauing

  • Stick to A Program! – Every goal needs a blueprint. You can’t just go on and off a program, you need to stick to it! Research shows that one can continue to see results on the same weight lifting program for up to 3 months. Meaning, you should follow training programs thoroughly for at least 2 months before switching up anything
  • Increase Load – when you aren’t getting post workout soreness like you used to off the program you are on increase the weights. Don’t be scared to lift heavier! Research shows lifting heavier weights can create more stress on the muscles. This can lead to an increase in tone muscle gain and metabolism.
  • Increase Sets – sets are the amount of times you repeat a specific exercise or circuit. If you are used to doing 3 sets, try pumping up the volume to 4 sets and see the difference
  • Decrease Rest Breaks Between Sets – decreasing the rest breaks between sets gives your muscles less time to recover and keeps them in a state of shock. That increase in stress will be sure to have a positive impact on your muscles
  • Double Workouts (Morning/Evening) – if you really want to take it to the next level try doing double workouts. Talk about a break through! Keep in mind, each workout should be different from one another. One session should consist of your resistance/weight training and the other should be cardio. For example, a weight training circuit in the morning and HITT or steady state cardio in the evening is recommended. Keep both workouts intense and short in time frame. We recommend 20-45 minutes weight circuits and 15-30 cardio sessions.

Join today and see how we’ve included the above factors in our progressive programs! See you inside!

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