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To train while on your period or not? 🤔


That time of the month can bring up some confusion on whether to rest or to continue with your exercise. In this article, we will go over the benefits of exercising while on your period.


It is common for women to experience fatigue, bloating, and overall physical discomfort while on their period. For these reasons, females may think rest is best, but this can be wrong.


Here are the top 3 benefits of exercising on your period


  • Decrease Pain – Exercise can actually boost endorphins, which are feel-good hormones, which can help alleviate physical pain, cramps, and even headaches. One of the best ways to increase endorphins is to do cardiovascular training. This can come in the form of light circuit training or steady-state cardio for 30-minutes.


  • Push Harder – During your period, the hormone estrogen drops. This hormone shift can make fuel more accessible for your muscles and can actually boost your muscle energy and allow you to push harder through workouts. This is ideal for HITT training. Try doing 10-minutes of HITT training or Tabata training to see if it works for you.


  • Decrease Cramping – As outlined above, exercising can decrease cramping by increasing the release of endorphins into your bloodstream. You can also reduce cramping by stretching and deep breathing techniques, as outlined in the ShesTough programs.


For these reasons, we recommend exercising during your period. With that said, always remember to listen to your body. If you are experiencing abnormal symptoms during your period, take the safe approach, and rest. Visit your doctor if symptoms progress. Join one of our shestough transformation programs designed specifically for females like you!





Vacation is often a time set aside to enjoy yourself, and give yourself a well-earned treat. But while it has its merits and advantages, vacation also comes with its own issues, most especially when you are trying to achieve your fat loss goals. To help ensure that you stay on the right path, we’ve prepared this guide with lots of effective tips on how to manage fat loss goals on the road.


1. Carry your #shestough program along with you

Most folks are tempted to leave their routine behind, and enjoy the best vacation has to offer. But doing that can be detrimental to your long-term weight loss plan. You are encouraged to take your routines with you even when on vacation, as it helps to set the benchmark on how your day will look like, and more importantly, it will keep your head sharp, and your mind focused all day long.


2. Drink lots of water

Dehydration is often experienced in a warmer climate when on vacation. Lack of water, while getting to do so much, can make you feel and look terrible. Staying hydrated ups your energy levels, and gives you the extra edge to handle what is in front of you.


3. Carry along easy grab-and-go snacks

You should have your grab-and-go snacks in your person all through the day when you are on the road. Taking your snacks with you means you won’t be easily sidetracked into taking what you weren’t prepared for. Take enough that can last you the duration of your trip.


4. Don’t play with your sleep

Sleep should be number one on your vacation to-do list. Most people make the mistake of doing too much on their vacation that they fail to get adequate sleep. Getting poor sleep for even a day can enhance your cortisol levels, thereby increasing the tendency of you accumulating fat in that time. Ensure you get the appropriate amount of rest, and naps so that you can keep your body in balance; an amplify your productivity.


5. Don’t eat like the world is about to end

As mentioned earlier, don’t see vacation as an opportunity for you to eat like the world is ending tomorrow. Remember to follow your routines and diet. You can enjoy the food and drinks around you, after all, that’s part of the reason you are on vacation, but don’t use that as an excuse to go off road.


6. Fun, fun, fun

You can’t spell vacation without Fun, so don’t hold yourself back. As much as you can, try and have lots of fun. Don’t go to your vacation, and end up thinking you need a vacation. Look to the bright side, and try and embrace what’s in front of you.


Ensure you join so you have a program you can do on the road!  Use code: GET10 to get 10% off all programs. Follow us on Instagram for more tips!

5 reasons you need a workout plan

5 reasons you need a workout plan

With the influx of workout plan videos online, more and more women are adopting the active lifestyle. But before you succumb to a self-designed, malfunctioning female fitness program, you need some supervision and guidance. Experts always know better, and you should never follow the workout videos at home blindly.

Here are top 5 reasons by Shestough why you should get a pro-workout plan:

Stability: Following a plan on your own can give sporadic bursts of excitement. To get smooth results from your hard work, you will need stability. A pro workout plan will help you develop stability, and you will be better able to achieve your results if you work out well every day following a customized and pro technique.

Measurable goals: When you start working out, you may be naïve about what your body needs and follow any workout. But when you follow a personalized plan and expert advice, you won’t risk hurting your body. Moreover, your goals will be measurable and scalable, so you will actually find it easier to cater to your body’s needs.

No Burnout: If you start following random workouts, you will end up losing most of your energy without getting enough benefits. Women working out often think that getting burned out right after the grueling sessions is acceptable. However, following a well-structured workout will never cause such a huge burn-out. So, make sure that you look for the burn out signs when trying out better workout sessions.

Consistency and structure: Your body is a temple, and it becomes what you put it through. Structure and consistency are the two basics of working out. So If you have decided to pursue the ultimate female workout, make sure that you follow a structure for consistent results.

Limit the risk: Working out on your own may give you any sort of results. You may end up overtraining or undertraining and get disproportionate results. An expert will guide you better, help you seamlessly segue into the next workout.

Summing up
The simplest reason why all women need to follow a pro-workout plan is that not everybody has the same body type. So, you can’t always expect to get the same results as the next person. But following a plan like the ones here at will definitely get you measurable results. As long as the plan is designed keeping your body’s needs in mind, you will gain from it and grow stronger.

How to not let Social Media ruin your body image and self-esteem

Instagram and social media, in general, is full of women in bikinis handing out 15-minute tutorials for thin waists and steel butts. Social media has become a sort of a collection of personalized self-exhibitions of vanity.

While social media is fantastic for keeping in touch and building a brand, it has sure affected women badly.

There’s also no shortage of drop-dead gorgeous social media stars. Being repeatedly exposed to certain accepted norms of beauty sure hurts women’s self-esteem when they don’t fit the type.

25 minutes of yoga may not give you a shiny pack of abs or steel butt. But it’s enough to keep you fit. Fitness should be the goal, not conforming to certain beauty norms/stereotypes.

So here are the golden rules to keep you immune from the damage of social media:

Embrace the little and big flaws: Abandon the thought that you need to the epitome of perfection. There are plenty of people competing for perfection but can you even define the perfect woman? Why let the contemporary definition of a perfect female body hurt your self-esteem? Don’t let it ruin muffins and tarts for you. Embrace your every flaw and wear them like jewelry.

Avoid retouching your pictures: Acceptance of self is central to boosting your self-esteem. Don’t fix your skin tone in Photoshop. Avoid plumping your lips in weird apps. Don’t overthink how sharp your jawline is. Don’t think too much of your ‘thunder thighs.’ Retouching paralyzes you because you start fixing issues virtually. Why not just exercise instead and really shed the extra weight?

When retouching your pictures, you set unrealistic expectations for your body.  Instead of those, try little workout goals and share your progress.

Understand the reality of perfect posts: Pro-bloggers put a lot of effort into crafting immaculate posts. Everyone involved from the makeup artist to the photographer is highly professional. It’s their business to craft perfect posts. Try following a 7-day long project and recreate your favorite posts from best or favorite fashion bloggers. When you start putting efforts into doing the same thing, you’ll know the amount of hard work it takes. And, finally, you will understand the reality of ‘perfect posts’ on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

No Criticism, only inspiration: Every time you look at someone’s mind-blowing, awesome post, feel inspired. Don’t succumb to self-criticism. Someone else’s perfections shouldn’t make you ashamed of your imperfections. Instead, feel inspired and make it a goal to achieve the fit body you idolize.

Final words

Social media should be your daily source of inspiration. There’s absolutely nothing impossible, and your motivation should never be to replicate. Always keep your best interests in mind. Exercise every day and whenever you feel influenced by social media, ask what’s in it for you?

Focus on self-improvement, mentally, emotionally and physically. Be regular with your activity routine and don’t let someone else’s opinion of perfect keep you from embracing yourself fully.

5 Ways to Get Rid of that Stubborn Belly Fat

Losing belly fat can be very challenging. Reasons for this include stress, genetics, hormone imbalances and a slow metabolism. Here are 5 ways to increase belly fat burning

  • Increase your metabolism: exercising with high-intensity intervals (HITT) workouts 5-6 times per week, eating blood sugar friendly meals/snacks every 3 hours, and getting at least 6 hours of sleep per night are all big factors in increasing your metabolism. Do this and watch the belly fat begin to shrink.
  • Carb timing: Carbs are essential to run your metabolism at a high rate and to fuel workouts. But too many carbs are not belly fat friendly. Especially high sugar foods, which should be avoided. Eat complex carbohydrates before and after your workout to start. The other meals should consist of vegetables and clean proteins. We recommend sweet potatoes a couple of hours before or after training and a protein shake post workout with low glycemic fruit. If your body still feels fatigue or low energy try adding in another portion of complex carbs somewhere in your day.
  • Manage stress: Stress makes you fat. Research also links high-stress hormone (cortisol) to fat in the belly area. Manage your stress by managing blood sugar, exercising, and incorporating an unwind exercise every 2-4 days into your week. Restorative yoga, morning/evening meditation, hikes in nature, and saunas are all ways to unwind. Try not to unwind with things that will cause rebound stress afterward like cheat meals, drinking alcohol, and socializing with negative people.
  • Get organized: Many people get stressed because they feel overwhelmed. When you feel overwhelmed, you will not be efficient with your daily tasks, which will further increase overall stress. One way to combat this is to get prepared the day before. Making a note of daily tasks the night before is a great way to stay on track. Research shows your body releases feel-good hormones every time you complete a task and swipe it off your to-do list. Food prepping is also essential to successfully transforming your body. When you prep your food the night before you won’t run into the stress of not being prepared to eat on time.
  • Accept the process: Losing body fat is not up to you, it’s up to your body. Be patient, this is a process, which takes time and consistency in the above-mentioned points. Don’t be so hard on yourself if your belly fat is not shrinking as fast as you would like it to. Ease off focusing so much on the physical result and focus more on the lifestyle change process. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Remember why you got into this in the first place and give yourself some credit for all the hard work. That stubborn fat won’t stand a chance if you stay consistent

We invite you to join today to get a complete meal plan and workout system to fast track your results! See why 1000s have joined today! See you inside.

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