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Tabata Workout: 

Hey Tough Girls, in today’s video I talk about a workout technic called Tabata Workout which is a form of HIIT. Tabata is an advanced style of HIIT and today I show you one of my Tabata Workout that I love to hate. Hope you enjoy this workout and be sure to comment below if you sweat your booty off haha

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5 Reasons Why ShesTough Simply Works!

Why do 1000s of ladies trust the ShesTough program? Here are 5 obvious reasons!

ShesTough Program:

1) It is convenient

If something is inconvenient, it will simply not work. ShesTough can be done in the convenience of your own home! It takes time, money and sometimes courage to go to a gym. All of this can be by-passed on the ShesTough program. All you need is a room, a yoga mat, some dumbbells and voila! You are good to go.

2) It is efficient

Who wants to work out for an hour or more? Who has time for that?
The Shestough program focuses on 20-minute burst circuits, which simply get the job done. Research actually shows that workouts that are more intense and shorter in time duration are more effective than longer workouts at a low or moderate intensity level. We incorporate this methodology burning fat and building lean tissue as quickly as possible

3) It is simple

Simple but not easy is the motto. Who wants a complex workout regime? Simply access the Shestough workout videos and train in real time with Latoya in the comfort of your own home for 20-minutes 5 days per week. We give you structure and all you have to do is follow us.

4) We incorporate nutrition

Nutrition is the most important factor in a physical transformation. Period.
We incorporate meal plans, recipes, and advice in the Shestough program so you can be prepared and see the best results possible

5) You are supported

Once joining the Shestough program you have access to a private Facebook support group. In this group, thousands of member are present and actively supporting each other. You are not alone! Support is crucial for lifestyle changes and if you don’t have the support at home you can lean on the group, we are here for you. Your success is our success.

Join us!

How Physical Fitness Helps With Addiction Recovery

How Physical Fitness Helps With Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

Fitness Helps With Addiction Recovery

Guest Blog entry by Sheila Olson of

It was rough when you weren’t sober. You knew you had to stop using, but that’s the thing about addiction — it’s not exactly easy to quit. But thanks to some friends, a good program, and some inner strength, you managed to beat your substance abuse problem.

As you start your journey through addiction recovery, you know you’ll need help. Even the strongest person has weak points. That’s why you need to work on your physical fitness. Being healthy and fit can facilitate your addiction recovery efforts and help keep you clean. After all, you really should be concerned with your total wellness.


Total Wellness Includes Physical Health

One reason people have substance abuse problems is poor health. It’s not hard to get addicted to taking prescriptions or “self-medicating” when you’re constantly in pain or a state of discomfort. To improve your total wellness and stay on the straight and narrow, it helps to improve your physical health.


The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains that being active can help people fight substance abuse. There are many benefits to your body from exercise, such as a stronger heart and immune system. But physical activity also benefits your mind. It releases hormones like endorphins that boost your mood and reduce your stress.


Your body and mind are interconnected. As you improve your physical health, your mental health (and your total wellness) improve as well. In fact, researchers are currently exploring how exercise can help fight depression. In other words, staying active can help you feel better. And when you’re feeling better, there’s less chance of slipping back to your old habits.

Physical Fitness Tips

Sure, physical health is important to your addiction recovery. But how can you get fit? There are many things you can do, from eating better to playing team sports. The sweet spot for someone recovering from substance abuse is exercise that helps improve your mental health as well. Although any exercise can do that, Blackmores lists several exercises great for the body and mind. These include:

  • Swimming, which is great for cardiovascular health.
  • Hiking to stretch the legs and enjoy time outdoors in nature.
  • Gardening can be surprisingly active, and it feels great to help something grow and thrive.


You might have already thought about the benefits of yoga. It’s trendy these days, and for good reason: yoga has been shown to help you improve how you react to stress by helping you achieve a peaceful, meditative state. For someone in addiction recovery, that can literally be a lifesaver. Another bonus of yoga is that it can easily be practiced at home. All you need is a yoga mat and enough room to stretch out. If you find that yoga is keeping you in shape and helping you find emotional balance, consider setting up a space that can be used for practicing yoga and meditation; you can dedicate a whole room to these calming activities or even just set up a corner in your bedroom with your mat, a yoga block, and a natural element like a plant.

Stay On Track By Getting Fit

There are many benefits from getting physically fit. Losing some weight and socializing with others are just two. But when you’re in addiction recovery, it can help you stay sober by improving your mental health and total wellness.

Are you happy? Here’s How to be the Happiest Version of Yourself!

Are you happy? What does it take to be happy?  Read on for five hacks that will transform your attitude towards life and maintain your sanity in this unpredictable world.

Are You Happy? If not Read On-

  • Find Time for Yourself

Often with a professional and personal life, we forget that everyone deserves time for themselves. It’s obvious given how exhausting it can be to juggle between priorities. Amidst the chaos, learn to reconnect with yourself. Could be picking up that book or hitting the gym – join! The ball is in your court and it’s up to you to be happy.

  • Learn to Say “NO”

Saying yes to too many things affects your productivity levels. Without any positive outcome, you end up sacrificing your peace of mind. Make it a practice to set clear boundaries and understand that you do not owe anyone an explanation.

  • Let go of the Stress

Stress finds a way to creep into our lives. To keep it at bay, follow a strict professional routine and contribute the rest of your time and attention towards cooking yourself that delicious meal or unwind with a simple cup of hot chocolate or talk to that special someone. Whatever you feel makes you happy!

  • Memories and Materialistic Belongings

Do you remember that dress you bought just for your ex’s birthday party? It might be a good idea to donate it. There are so many items around us that have sad memories attached to them and hinder the possibility of being the happiest version of yourself. Rummage through your belongings and purge those items. Follow the mantra: out of sight and out of mind!

  • Monitor your expenses

Most often we put off making payments or screen calls from banks. This is a sign that you must monitor your expenses and keep track of your money matters.  If not in the best shape, it will help you understand where you are splurging more than you can. Furthermore, it will trigger your conscience to think twice before spending the money.

Being the happier version of yourself is all about achieving a state of mind that makes you want to get up every morning with a smile on your face.

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