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Progression of your program is key to your fitness results!

Want results? Progression is key, continue ‘shocking’ your training program. Let us explain below:

Progression is key and the one thing that keeps our heads in the game when enduring on a physical transformation. If progression slows down or even freezes, it can create a lot of irritability. This is the last thing we want. Today we are going to discuss the top 5 ways to minimize plateauing

  • Stick to A Program! – Every goal needs a blueprint. You can’t just go on and off a program, you need to stick to it! Research shows that one can continue to see results on the same weight lifting program for up to 3 months. Meaning, you should follow training programs thoroughly for at least 2 months before switching up anything
  • Increase Load – when you aren’t getting post workout soreness like you used to off the program you are on increase the weights. Don’t be scared to lift heavier! Research shows lifting heavier weights can create more stress on the muscles. This can lead to an increase in tone muscle gain and metabolism.
  • Increase Sets – sets are the amount of times you repeat a specific exercise or circuit. If you are used to doing 3 sets, try pumping up the volume to 4 sets and see the difference
  • Decrease Rest Breaks Between Sets – decreasing the rest breaks between sets gives your muscles less time to recover and keeps them in a state of shock. That increase in stress will be sure to have a positive impact on your muscles
  • Double Workouts (Morning/Evening) – if you really want to take it to the next level try doing double workouts. Talk about a break through! Keep in mind, each workout should be different from one another. One session should consist of your resistance/weight training and the other should be cardio. For example, a weight training circuit in the morning and HITT or steady state cardio in the evening is recommended. Keep both workouts intense and short in time frame. We recommend 20-45 minutes weight circuits and 15-30 cardio sessions.

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Commitment is the REAL Achievement

Total Commitment

During the phase of adopting a new, healthy habit, we often start a fresh cycle every few
days. Why? Today we discuss ‘commitment’…


commitment x shestough

A prejudiced notion always lurks at the back of your mind. It screams loud that success is the only real end point to meet. However, somewhere down the line when you are actually trying hard, you will realize that slacking off a wee bit here and there is not a big deal. If you have quit sugar, per se for a week, and have managed to slack off on the eighth day, then it is no big deal. You can always pick it up right then, and you would be way ahead of yourself back in no time. That mindset is powerful enough to start a raging fire and burn everything
to ashes in minutes.

That Almost is a Setback
The realization phase where you can shrug off the occasional, momentary lapses is no big
deal. At least it seems so when you are in that frame of mind. However, looking ahead of yourself, you would see that these almost situations were a lack of judgment and creates a vicious cycle for you. The longer you are trapped at this stage, the delayed are the outcomes, and furthermore, you are falling behind in the race.

Understand Total Commitment
The problem with these setbacks is that you risk losing the motivation, sometimes gradually.
Motivation drives commitment. Commitments are often bigger achievements than actually
achieving the designated goals.

The past remains unchanged. However, now is all you have. It is the time to go big or go
home. Commit to a 30-day challenge and celebrate that feeling of accomplishment, join the 30-day shestough program! It helps
you to learn that you can break barriers and succeed against all the odds. Now is all you have, after all!

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7 Steps to Changing Your Life before 2018

Changing can be hard, but we got 7 simple yet effective tips for you.

If you want to make the rest of your year into the perfect preparation for the biggest and best 2018 possible, we have some effective tips for you today. After following these seven tips, you’ll start the journey to changing your life and wonder why you didn’t take the steps sooner!


#1: Become the Healthiest Version of Yourself – In our opinion, good things happen when we’re the healthiest versions of ourselves. After working out, you’ll strangely feel more energized, it’ll encourage positive eating habits, your relationships will improve, you’ll get better quality sleep, and you’ll even lose weight. By simply changing your diet you can unlock a surge of energy that will help you get more done!

Of course, we aren’t saying you need to become a ‘size zero’ model. Instead, you need to find what success means to you. Ultimately, you need a body you’re proud of to push you forward. Join for all your fitness health needs today!

#2: Create and Respect Boundaries – By setting boundaries in your personal life, you take responsibility for all emotions and actions. If you’re always telling your friends ‘I’m too busy,’ this suggests your boundaries aren’t strong enough. With strong personal boundaries, you boost confidence and self-esteem while reducing stress and the constant overwhelmed feeling. What’s more, you take control, and this could be the most important thing you do.

#3: The 80/20 Rule for changing – We get it! Changing isn’t easy at all that’s why you got to take it easy on yourself. Implementing the 80/20 rule allows you to be human. Go hard and stay focused 80% of the time and allow the other 20% to be human and enjoy your efforts.

#4: Create and Respect a Routine – For some, they need a routine to get them in the right mood for the day ahead. For example, some people meditate for five minutes, shower, and then sit with a newspaper and tea for ten minutes. Once these three tasks have been fulfilled, the mind is ready for the day, and it also creates a positive mood. Without even leaving the house, it makes you feel as though you’ve achieved something important.

#5: Cut Back – At first, this tip is going to sound scary, but we think it’s valuable; stop doing so much. If you’ve got a million and one things to do, don’t then go and promise help elsewhere because you don’t have the time. If you’ve got a piece of paper nearby, list the most important things in your life; this could include a partner, child(ren), saving money, playing sport, work, etc. From this point forward, these will be your main priorities, and you can even list them in terms of importance.

Whenever you make a decision, you’re making a trade-off and normally the negative is the fact it’ll eat into your free time. If you’re too busy, learn to say ‘no’ to people and only focus on your most important responsibilities.

#6: Embrace Uncertainty – If you spend life trying to understand everything, you’ll end up going crazy because it’s an impossible task. We understand, the need for answers can be overwhelming but trust us when we say uncertainty can be beneficial. If you’re looking for answers, ask yourself whether knowing would really change your life. In all likelihood, it wouldn’t. Start the road to changing by accepting the uncertainty.

#7: Lose the Ego – These days, we have no patience whether it’s climbing the career ladder, losing weight, or building a relationship; we want everything right now. In fact, some will argue we all feel a sense of entitlement. Unfortunately, our need to become the perfect partner with the perfect body earning over $100k per year is damaging us.

While we would never advise you to lower your expectations or hopes, we believe it can be positive to learn from these 7 effective tips mentioned and embrace mistakes to become the best version of ourselves as opposed to chasing a fantasy.

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How to Stay Mentally Tough Through the Rough Patches in Life

Be Mentally Strong

Life is tough. We realize how tough it can be as we head into adulthood and it stays with us for the rest of our lives. However, despite knowing this, there are still a significant amount of people who don’t know how to act when the tough times come. For this reason, we have ten excellent tips to be mentally strong, they are listed below.

  • Positive People – In your life, there are sure to be people who have a positive impact on what you do. If so, always come back to these people as the ‘center’ when times get rough. Not only will they calm you down, but they can also help you to realign yourself with your goals.
  • Slow Down – Nowadays, everything seems to move by at a million miles per hour. If you want to stay calm and look at a problem objectively, you need to slow everything right down.
  • Have Belief – Why did you start on this journey? Whether it’s your personal life or career, remember why you started on your current path and used this for confidence. If you didn’t believe at the beginning, you wouldn’t have started at all so keep believing.
  • Get zzz’s – When things get on top of us, we tend to stay up all night to find a solution. The longer you stay awake, the more you’ll struggle the next day so remember this. We sleep for a reason; as well as rebuilding your energy, sleep will organize your mind so get to bed!
  • Be Mindful – If you have anxiety or feel as though everything is getting on top of you, mindfulness is a fantastic art to practice. Focusing on being in the moment and nothing else, this will allow you to take stock of the situation and just slow things right down.
  • Do Something Good – Sometimes, we lose track of where we are, and we get so caught up in our own world that we forget everything else. For this reason, we suggest visiting an orphanage or perhaps even a shelter home. By doing this, you’ll soon realize everything you take for granted and this will help moving forward.
  • Get Motivated – If you’re expecting to provide your own motivation every single day, you’re going to struggle because sometimes it just isn’t there. On these days, utilize the people around you or just watch a simple TED Talks video on YouTube. In under 15 minutes, this will put everything into perspective and help to keep you going.
  • Laugh – When was the last time you laughed? Not just a fake smile, we mean really laugh at something that suits your sense of humor? If you can’t remember, this isn’t good enough. Once you’ve finished reading this, go and watch or read something that’ll really make you chuckle. Of course, this feels great, but it also allows you to forget about your troubles for a while.
  • Stop Talking – If the whole world seems to be turning against you, we urge you to think before you speak. Why? Because comments expressed when in this frame of mind will be led by emotion as opposed to rational thought. For the moment, just soak up your surroundings and start working towards a solution rather than getting yourself into trouble at work, at college, in your personal life, or anywhere else.
  • Exercise – Finally, exercise is always a great one to remember because the blood gets pumping around the body, endorphins are released which makes us feel great, and we can watch our favorite show or listen to music at the same time. Join today to get started with your 30-day transformation challenge

With these simple tips, you can get over the small mountains of life and begin to enjoy what you’re doing once again. If you feel lost or as though everything is going against you, use the tips above, be mentally strong and refresh your positive mindset!

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