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7 Weight Loss Tips: Keeping fat far away!

7 Weight Loss Tips

The science and knowledge of our bodies has advanced, we now know just what it takes to lose weight and keep it away for good. As a result, we’ve compiled seven of the best weight loss tips so you can get started today!

Water, Water, Water – Ever been told to drink ‘x’ amount of liters of water per day? In truth, we probably all have but do you know why? Ultimately, water contributes to a number of bodily functions since it makes up half of our bodies. From reducing hunger to carrying nutrients to cells, you should be maintaining your water levels each day. 

All About the Fiber – Firstly, millions of Americans suffer from digestive issues every year, and this is because the Western diet has a distinct lack of fiber. As well as the digestive system, fiber also affects your weight so lose the peeled potatoes, white flour, and white rice (these contain no fiber). Instead, make the change to quinoa, multigrain, and brown rice.

Burn Those Calories – Although there might be ‘diets’ that claim you don’t need to exercise, sustainable weight loss will always come from a combination of exercise and dieting. As long as you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight, and this is simple science. When you’re finally happy with your weight, these two factors need to level out.

Balanced Exercise Plan – At first, going for a run every day will be fantastic for your body, but its effectiveness will soon disappear. Therefore, you should be looking to vary your exercises by introducing focused workout routines. For example, cardiovascular work should be combined with strengthening as well as stretching exercises. Once you do this, the results will come even quicker because your body won’t know what’s coming next and the calories will keep burning.

Increase All Activity – Did you know a change of habits can lead to greater success? For example, why drive to work when it’s within walking distance? If you start walking, cycling, using the stairs instead of the lift, and make other simple changes like this, your metabolism will increase, your mind can refresh, and your body will thank you in the long-run.

Take Care of the Mind – Overall health isn’t just about the physical aspect but also your mental and emotional wellbeing. Therefore, you need to look after your mind and attend mental health counseling if ever required. Over time, you should become happy with who you are and have a healthy relationship with yourself, but this can only be achieved with the right building blocks. Whether you do it alone or with the help of counselors, friends, and family members, this will be unique to you.

Get Good Rest – In today’s world, sleep is one of the most undervalued things in the world. Despite this natural process being so pivotal to our health, many of us stay up late, get up early in the morning, and reach a state of constant tiredness. During sleep, our bodies and minds have a chance to completely switch off and recharge the batteries. If you don’t get sufficient amounts, you put your body and mind under unnecessary stress so start some positive habits today to unwind. For example, leading up to bedtime you might listen to classical music, have a bath, drop all technology, eat no food, etc.

There we have it, seven excellent weight loss tips for sustainable weight-loss, so it stays off in the future. Once you get into these habits, it allows you to be healthier and therefore happier from within which is a great foundation from which you can start your new life! Need a nutrition plan? Joining the ShesTough™ program includes a nutritional meal plan. Click HERE to join!

Two common mistakes to avoid when implementing your workout routine

Two common mistakes to avoid when implementing your workout routine:

For many years, women have been the focus of change and evolving trends in the many industries like fashion, entertainment, corporate, and even sports. This ancient idea of women being portrayed as weaker and dependent has gradually eroded over the years. Women have risen to hold remarkable positions in many areas of life. One notable change is the increasing awareness and adoption of physical activity by millions of women all over the world. Previously, women were not health-conscious or developing their physical strength. All that has changed, women have found out the tremendous gains and benefits of being physically active!

The increasing interest of women partaking in fitness gyms has risen (All the way up!). Working-out plays a significant role in helping women stay healthy in addition to looking fit. Over the years, creators of workout regimens have acknowledged the need for specialized work out plans for women. These plans are majorly designed to help women get her perfect body. Female workout programs also promote self-esteem and general positive mental health. There are a lot of female-focused workout plans available online, but the information is usually limited. You might not be able to figure out which program will work best for you. This is why we decided to bring awareness to what a proper workout program consists of for the modern tough ladies!

It’s unfortunate that many publications both on the internet and in health magazines are typically suggesting excessive cardio as the solution to losing weight and keeping fit.  Now there are some benefits to engaging in cardio, but it cannot replace or even nearly provide the benefits of weight training. A well-rounded workout plan consists of using weights, cardio, a wholesome diet, and a workout schedule are what you need to achieve your fitness goals. Another common mistake many women make is engaging in workout plans meant for men under the assumption that it doesn’t matter. The truth is women and men have different anatomies. This is why it is best to choose workout plans that have been specifically labeled for women like shestough.com

A woman with a slim and fit body will usually always be adored. This is what many women want, asides the added benefits of feeling healthy and having better mental health. Achieving this will be possible once you can dedicate your time to a proper workout routine that caters to your needs.


Here are 2 common mistakes to avoid when implementing your workout routine.


1. Don’t take the easy route (Don’t just do cardio)!
As discussed early, many women tend to immediately choose cardio over other workout exercises, even though cardio is excellent for your general health, you will not be able to develop that great body by just doing cardio. Focusing solely on cardio is taking an easy route. So let us remind you that you need strength training exercises to build that impressive body. We always hear why women will avoid lifting weights; they don’t want to develop muscles like men. This common phrase is BS! It’s harder for a woman to develop muscles like men. Lifting weights will speed up the results of your workout, and you will be impressed. So the big question is – what is the right workout plan for females? ShesTough.com is a well-rounded program that incorporates strength training, cardio, and nutritional guidance to get you that awesome body!

2. You ‘KINDA’ want it!
Indeed, working out can be quite difficult to stay committed to. Especially if it’s a long-term program and we understand that. This is why shestough.com created the 30-day workout program to get you rolling! We’re so convinced that when you follow the routine, you will get results that you will not want to stop! The rewards of your personal fitness body goal supersede the sacrifice. You can’t half step or KINDA want it. All you need to do is get started and start seeing a bit of result. The results of following through with your workout plan will naturally encourage you to continue. Oh and always remember to have fun while working out.

In summary, workout as best as you can follow your chosen workout routine, be disciplined- never skip a workout, rest well and follow a nutritional program. Consider joining shestough.com if you haven’t yet!

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Ways To Lose Weight

Here are 5 practical ways to lose weight for females.

We hear ‘Weight-loss’ everywhere! It’s a trending topic mostly among women. Many want to slim down to have that shape they so desire; they want this to happen overnight. They want to lose weight in a few hours. Therefore they go for any weight loss pill or fads that come their way. Some even go through an extreme and dangerous way of starving themselves for days in a bid to shed some weight. Low and behold! There is no shortcut to success. There is no magic pill! Nor does starving yourself bring any guarantee in weight loss. All that you need to do to lose weight is the simple yet effective lifestyle and diet modification. Today I will be giving out a few ways to lose weight that you can follow to help you lose weight (almost permanently).


1. Always Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy food always is at the top of my list. This is because you are what you eat. The body needs healthy foods to keep the dead and worn out cells replenished. It also requires energy in the form of calories for its optimal function which it is the sole responsibilities of healthy food to supply. When you give your body what it wants everything runs optimal and your weight loss goals will manifest. Be alert that many foods today are advertised as healthy but it’s all a marketing scheme. The rule of thumb is if you cannot pronounce the ingredients it’s probably junk for you! Healthy foods mostly come from nature. Don’t forget the more natural, the healthier.


2. Eat moderately every day

Heavy eaters end up becoming fat and heavier, but when you eat smaller portions throughout the day you will reduce your hunger. More so, the food will take less time to digest, making it available for utilization by the body. When you eat lesser quantity and more frequently, your metabolism rate increases, therefore, creating the environment for burning calories. Heavy eaters get fat easily and find it very difficult to lose weight then they want. I advise you take it slowly to avoid jeopardizing your weight loss goal.



3. Planning Your Meals each day.

If you don’t plan, then you surely have prepared to fail. Socrates says that an unexamined life is not worth living, this is a more reason why you should always plan your meals ahead. Planning your meals in an effort to lose weight is how you get it done. It will prevent you from going for any junk stuff you see in the convenience store. Taking already made meals in the food stores which most times are very high in calories, salt and preservatives sabotage your weight loss goal. When you don’t plan your meals, you end up going for anything you see on the table. Instead of losing weight you will simply gain, because of the massive intake of calories. Always plan your meals, it will help you get to your weight-loss goals.



4. Drink Lots Of Water

Water is life, because of the vital role it plays in the human body. In the transportation of food materials to the bloodstream where it is needed. Water helps quench unnecessary hunger and thirst. It does this by giving you a sense of fullness when you feel hungry. It is to say you eat less when you drink a lot of water. Moreso, drinking a lot of water helps moisturize your skin and keeps it fresh as ever. The world health organization recommend at least seven glasses of water a day for adults.



5. Exercise more often

Exercise is vital for weight-loss. Living a sedentary lifestyle will only complicate issues for anyone trying to lose weight. Even if you have the best weight loss pills in the whole world, but still don’t move you will likely not lose weight. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean you need to visit the gym every day. It simply means incorporating more vigorous movement for a minimum of 20-30 mins a day. You can partake in a simple exercise like taking a walk down the street to your destination instead of calling an Uber. Jogging for few minutes every day can go a long way too. Taking the stairs up a building instead of the elevators counts too. If you need a structure exercise guidance than we strongly suggest you join Shestough.com today to kickstart your journey to healthy weight loss and adopting a healthy lifestyle!

Final words

Losing weight is a journey, that takes time and lots of effort. It is not given on a platter of gold; rather you work for it by putting to practice all the ways to lose weight I have mentioned above. Make it a habit of doing this every day, and surely your effort will be rewarded with success.

Stay Tough!

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