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Progression of your program is key to your fitness results!

Want results? Progression is key, continue ‘shocking’ your training program. Let us explain below:

Progression is key and the one thing that keeps our heads in the game when enduring on a physical transformation. If progression slows down or even freezes, it can create a lot of irritability. This is the last thing we want. Today we are going to discuss the top 5 ways to minimize plateauing

  • Stick to A Program! – Every goal needs a blueprint. You can’t just go on and off a program, you need to stick to it! Research shows that one can continue to see results on the same weight lifting program for up to 3 months. Meaning, you should follow training programs thoroughly for at least 2 months before switching up anything
  • Increase Load – when you aren’t getting post workout soreness like you used to off the program you are on increase the weights. Don’t be scared to lift heavier! Research shows lifting heavier weights can create more stress on the muscles. This can lead to an increase in tone muscle gain and metabolism.
  • Increase Sets – sets are the amount of times you repeat a specific exercise or circuit. If you are used to doing 3 sets, try pumping up the volume to 4 sets and see the difference
  • Decrease Rest Breaks Between Sets – decreasing the rest breaks between sets gives your muscles less time to recover and keeps them in a state of shock. That increase in stress will be sure to have a positive impact on your muscles
  • Double Workouts (Morning/Evening) – if you really want to take it to the next level try doing double workouts. Talk about a break through! Keep in mind, each workout should be different from one another. One session should consist of your resistance/weight training and the other should be cardio. For example, a weight training circuit in the morning and HITT or steady state cardio in the evening is recommended. Keep both workouts intense and short in time frame. We recommend 20-45 minutes weight circuits and 15-30 cardio sessions.

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5 Reasons Why ShesTough Simply Works!

Why do 1000s of ladies trust the ShesTough program? Here are 5 obvious reasons!

ShesTough Program:

1) It is convenient

If something is inconvenient, it will simply not work. ShesTough can be done in the convenience of your own home! It takes time, money and sometimes courage to go to a gym. All of this can be by-passed on the ShesTough program. All you need is a room, a yoga mat, some dumbbells and voila! You are good to go.

2) It is efficient

Who wants to work out for an hour or more? Who has time for that?
The Shestough program focuses on 20-minute burst circuits, which simply get the job done. Research actually shows that workouts that are more intense and shorter in time duration are more effective than longer workouts at a low or moderate intensity level. We incorporate this methodology burning fat and building lean tissue as quickly as possible

3) It is simple

Simple but not easy is the motto. Who wants a complex workout regime? Simply access the Shestough workout videos and train in real time with Latoya in the comfort of your own home for 20-minutes 5 days per week. We give you structure and all you have to do is follow us.

4) We incorporate nutrition

Nutrition is the most important factor in a physical transformation. Period.
We incorporate meal plans, recipes, and advice in the Shestough program so you can be prepared and see the best results possible

5) You are supported

Once joining the Shestough program you have access to a private Facebook support group. In this group, thousands of member are present and actively supporting each other. You are not alone! Support is crucial for lifestyle changes and if you don’t have the support at home you can lean on the group, we are here for you. Your success is our success.

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More booty workouts for you boo!

booty workouts

Did somebody say BOOTY? 🍑 Y’all know I love a good BOOOOTY workout.🤣🤣🤣 I’m all about getting this booty gainz from the comfort of my own home, y’all I still don’t have a gym membership. We get these gains from HOME YASSSS🙊🙊🙊 In this video, I show you one of my favorite booty workouts if you want that booty to be on FIYAH make sure you LIFT HEAVY and while you’re doing this workout squeeze the HECK out of your GLUTES 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🤙🏽 FAV BOOTY

1. 10 dumbbell Squats
2. 10 Alternating Jumping Lunges
3. 10 Dead Lifts
4. 15 Donkey Kicks each leg

3 sets YOU👏🏽GOT👏🏽THIS👏🏽
For all my fitness programs head to or link in bio 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

Check out part 1 of the booty favorite exercise videos:



WEIGHT LOSS = 7 Simple Ways to Lose More Weight

Losing weight is on the minds of millions of females everywhere. Here are 7 additional weight loss tips to help you get even closer to body goals.

We all know losing significant amounts of our body weight may seem like a formidable task at first. Just the thought of the months of torturous exercise and strict dieting many individuals give up. But it does not have to be that difficult and complicated. There are many non-intrusive ways to incorporate fitness into your life, ways like yoga or pilates. A few simple weight loss tips can make the most significant difference to your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Tips:

1. Include Fitness Activities into Your Daily Life
Our ever-busy lifestyles can make it complicated to fit proper workouts in. With a bit of creativity, you can integrate more exercise without entirely changing your day. Some helpful examples include your parking car a bit further from the door or taking the stairs instead of an elevator. Better yet, walk or ride a bicycle to close shops instead of always driving.

2. Focus On Improving Your Fitness Performance Rather Than Losing Weight
The unnecessary pressure we put ourselves to lose weight fast can make us go insane! Checking the scales daily is not a good. When you start working out, it is best to emphasize improving your performance day-by-day and not overnight. Also, you need to gradually clean up your eating habits and making small lifestyle improvements. As you perform better in your workouts, you will find the fat melting off!

3. Integrate fitness into your social life and holidays
It can feel like a vigorous workout routine which is getting in the way of your social life. Why not make exercise a part of your daily social life? After all, we should not have to choose between our social lives and our health. Choosing social activities which include physical activity, such as hiking, attending a group class at the local gym, dancing or a pickup basketball game are all great ways to integrate your family and friends into your workout routine.

4. Diverge your workouts to prevent fitness boredomweight loss x latoya
Engaging in many distinct types of exercises will prevent us from becoming bored with repetition that comes with many workouts, but experts say our bodies respond better to a different variety of workout. The reason for this is because our muscles are not able to fine-tune to one set of exercises, helping to keep them adequately responsive and challenging. Try using functional training equipment in your gym.

5. Stay on top of meal planning
You are more likely to stick to the better food choices when healthy meal options are always available. This means having healthy snacks on hand everywhere, like nuts and fruit in your car or office drawer for when cravings hit hard. It can be helpful to keep healthy emergency meals in your freezer for the nights when you don’t have the luxury of cooking a healthy dinner.

6. Make painless food substitutes
Nowadays, there are healthier varieties of almost any food: low-fat cheese, sugar-free chocolate, vegetable crisps, wheat-free pizzas. You can find healthy recipes practically everywhere. Not to mention, they are just as delicious and tasteful as the originals! You will not even notice you are on a diet until the weight starts coming off.

7. Finally, don’t beat yourself up
One important thing to note and remember is; the journey of weight loss is not a short-term journey but a long-term; it is consistency and endurance over time is what matters most. Most individuals who have gone through this journey will acknowledge they have had their tough days. The important thing is to get back on that wagon as soon as you can.


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OFFICE WORKOUT: A quick routine at the desk

Office Workout:

Would you dare to have an office workout?

We try to squeeze a 30mi to -1hr workout routine if it permits on our schedule. How about the other 23hrs? what are we doing physically during this time? for many, we’re simply sitting in our office all day long. This can be a problem that prevents us from getting optimal results as we’re lacking activity. So we put together this office exercise routine to help you keep moving during your workday. We think maybe it’s time you put aside 2 lighter dumbbell weights at your office for a quick workout that you can do a few times during your work shift.

Benefits of an office workout:

  • Sharper focus when you return to work
  • burn more calories throughout the day
  • We need to take breaks every hour and an office workout is a perfect
  • better breathing and blood circulation
  • plus much more

Click the above video and give this routine a shot and let us know how it goes for you.

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