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Nutrition is about 80% of the equation to a healthier looking you! How do you achieve better nutrition? 2 words — MEAL PREP

Meal prep is QUEEN in the arena of a healthy body transformation. When you put time into preparing meals for the following days ahead you will be prepared for success. If you do not meal prep you will simply not successfully reach your goals. Here are some tips for a healthy, balanced meal prep:


  1. Mix and Match:

Meal preparations do not mean that one needs to make the same meal and continue eating it throughout the week. On the contrary, you can certainly prepare the main ingredient of a food and store it for the week in fridge or freezer (example cooked seasoned chicken breasts). This can be mixed and matched with cooked veggies and or complex carbs the night of for a quick meal.


  1. Making an Ideal Sauce:

Preparing a new healthy tasty sauce at the beginning of each week can be a great way to keep meals more tastefully exciting. Simply store it and use on lunches and dinners for the week.


  1. Preferring Veggies over Wheat:

Replacing brown rice or wheat with veggies is a nutritious way to a healthier lifestyle for sure.  As a result of this trend, many millennials are consuming vegetables more than wheat. Now, the salad veggie trend with a high boost of vitamin and fiber has been going mainstream as a tested heath mantra.


  1. Mixing Spices for a Hotter Touch:

Well, blending spices and keeping them in a container is not a bad idea. In this manner, creating a variety of tastes with diverse dishes will surely be a favorable choice. Even the Indian dishes can be given a Mexican touch with the addition of jalapenos and cilantro.


  1. Making Fresh Meals:

Making fresh meals is always your best bet for taste and health. Sometimes storing meals in the fridge for the week can make them taste bland. Your best bet is to make the time to prepare a fresh dinner every night. If you cook a little extra that can be used for your lunch the following day.


  1. Youtube and Google New Recipes:

With the web at our fingertips, it’s easy to find great recipes at the click of a button.  Putting some time into researching and experimenting with new healthy recipes can certainly spice up your taste buds. Try googling healthy paleo recipes, or healthy high protein meals for ideas.


  1. Soups and Stews

If time is an issue for you and you cannot cook every night then consider making soups or stews once per week. They tend to keep for about 5 days and you can even freeze them if necessary! Sure you might get tired of eating the same thing every day, but it sure will be time effective and simple.

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