Your Goals | Why Is the Journey Equally Important As the Goal Itself? ?


Why Is the Journey For The Goal Equally Important As the Goal Itself? 🗺

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We must have faith that our goals will eventually materialize. Though we all experience at one point or another failure(s), setbacks, and obstacles, giving up won’t serve your goals and purpose.

Staying focused on your goals is necessary. But you can win the goal only when you are walking on the right path. So, the journey becomes as important as the goal. In today’s article, we share a brief analytical commentary to emphasize that the journey is as important as the goal. If you have taken the right route and the journey is justified, the end milestone would be the goal that you want.

The value of journey is equally important as the value of the goal, as the right roads decide the best destination.

Value the Journey & Win the Goal

When you talk about success, it is binary: either 0 or 1. There is no grey area between success and failure. It is all black & white. It is here where many are disappointed, and they give up so soon. It was Edison who quoted that by failing 100 times I learned 100 new ways that didn’t work out. We must have the same attitude. If they value only success, it is not a Utopian world. Setbacks are frequent; not all efforts turn sweet. We should prepare to embrace the failure and value the journey in the same manner as we value the goal. Always remember that with the passage of each day, you are one version improved of your former self.

Experience is our Best Teacher

Goals are hard to find, challenging to pursue and the toughest to make it happen. Do not come to conclusions; you must focus on the efforts, not the results. Many of us think about our goals but never act on it. The moment you begin acting on those goals, it will improve you with every clock strike. Experience is more important than the outcome, always keep that in mind!

One who has never made a mistake never tried something new! Setting goal is as important as choosing the path and facing the consequences with positivity and determined will that no matter what, I will achieve it, if not today, then definitely someday! Goal & success are two things that run parallel and you should make sure that they meet at the cross-points.

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