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Fitness Truths You Probably Didn’t Think About

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There are various reasons and factors why people fail to achieve their goals. However, one of the biggest contributing factors is excuses. Take a retrospective look at some of those times you failed to do a task, or meet a target. In 8 out of 10 times you will find out that an excuse or two was the reason why. While people like making excuses, one thing we hate is hearing other people (friends, family, coaches) tell us that we are making excuses.

Since you are already here, we might as well just face the truth. Your family and friends might sugarcoat it for you, or even walk around eggshells when they are with you. But right here, you get the hard truth and nothing else.

Excuses do you more harm than good. They make you lazy, slow you down, and prevent you from reaching your target. While some of the things you read here might be a bit hard, you will come out a better person if you get rid of excuses.  Let’s get started.


You eat too much! You don’t have a slow metabolic rate

There are really no discrepancies when it comes to metabolic rate. Nobody has faster or slower metabolism. Metabolic rates are fairly the same for humans. Here’s the thing, if you were to have a fast metabolism, your body will literally heat up. On the flip side, a slow metabolism would mean you can’t even move your body. You eat too much. Don’t blame it on your metabolism.


You don’t possess a natural body type

The talks surrounding body type is a never-ending subject. People usually refer to their body types as one genetics have given to them. However, genetics is not the only contributing factor to your body type. Exercise, diet, sleep, environmental influences, and so on, all have an effect on body type.

So is eating 5 burgers a day your natural diet? Is sitting on the couch all day your natural diet? Of course not. Your body responds to how you want to it to be. Stop blaming it on your natural body type.


Everyone wants you to follow them

One of the characteristics of humans is our need for association. Humans tend to associate themselves with people who share the same ideologies, religious beliefs, and so on. The same can be said for people with similar body sizes. Fat people want you to associate with them, thin people want to stay thin. While there is a sense of comfort that comes from associating with people in the same health bracket as you, it can be difficult to break out of that association and change. If you want to make any changes, associate with folks that are where you would like to be. This gives you the right motivation, in addition to other benefits.


The resources that got you here, won’t take you to the next level

One of the main rules of fitness is never to give up. It is sad to see people give up when they face the slightest setback in their fitness program. Just because a program isn’t working for you at the moment doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Mind you the more you become fitter the slower your progression. If you’ve gotten to a specific stage doing certain things, you will need to revamp things a bit to get to another level. Change is constant. What got you here won’t get you there.

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