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2020 has been a stressful year for many. Coronavirus, self-isolation, social distancing, changes in income, and increased pressure have impacted many people in the world. These stressors can certainly take a toll on both your physical and mental health. In this article, we will outline strategies to create an environment for less stress and more health.


Simply put, you can use these two strategies: Actions to approach vs actions to avoid


Some things you have the power to control and should consider approaching include:


  • Taking care of your self– this can include exercising, going on a walk, eating clean, drinking water, and being kind to yourself. If you feel overwhelmed doing nothing and taking time off is okay too.
  • Starting/ending the day with mind settling strategies – this can include meditation, positive word affirmations, goal setting for the week, journaling, or writing down 3 things you are grateful for.
  • Turning off the news and limiting social media – stay informed but don’t read about the pandemic every day. Information overload can create a burden of stress on your well-being. Also, consider unsubscribing or un-following pages that don’t add positivity or value to your life and replacing with positive shows and pages. If you are going to stay informed focus on the facts and avoiding conspiracy theories
  • Having fun with friends and family – this includes playing games, going on walks, and implementing any form of fun or play. This can be virtual or in-person (following social distancing guidelines of course).
  • Planning for the week ahead, a year ahead –this might include: personal development, career development, and re-arranging priorities in your life that align with a more desirable future.
  • Following public health recommendations – social distancing, hand sanitizing, and following other protocols because we are all in this together! It is important we all cooperate for the greater good of our communities.


Some things you should consider letting go and avoiding include:


  • Predicting what will happen next – no one has this answer so it’s not worth dwelling over.
  • Judging others’ actions or decisions – focus on you as you cannot control anyone but yourself.
  • Predicting how long this will last for – this is out of your hands.
  • Judging your anxieties – don’t be too hard on yourself. Let your emotions naturally express themselves and focus on creating balance and support around them. Be compassionate to yourself.
  • Being over-analytical – too much analyzing can lead to anxiousness, fear, worry, and high stress if it gets out of control. We suggest creating balance instead. Find times in your day to unwind and follow the above-mentioned stress reduction techniques


We are going through a process and it will take some time to pan out.  It’s a pandemic, after all, so give your self some grace. In the meantime try these strategies to relieve stress during this social distancing period. Stay well 💪🏽 Follow on Facebook!

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