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Simple Hack To Aging Well

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One Thing You Can Do Daily To Age Well 👆🏼

This might come as a surprise to a lot of people; sitting on the floor plays a crucial role in prolonging your life and helping you live stronger 😮.

We know that when you have the choice of seating on a comfy chair or a cozy couch, or a hard floor, odds are everyone will go for the first two options. Nevertheless, the simple act of seating on a hard floor is more favorable.

A 2014 research in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology discovered that getting up from the floor is a prominent factor for longevity in people between the ages of 51-80. According to the study, those who could easily sit and stand from the floor were more likely to outlive those who found it challenging. A recent study in 2020 also backs this finding. According to Gbolahan Okubadejo, MD, an orthopedic surgeon, the ease with which we stand up and seat, and vice versa, is a reflection of our entire health, wellness, functionality, and fitness.

Do you find it challenging to sit on the floor or get up? The good news is that sitting on the bottom is a simple act and can help you maintain functionality and strength as you grow older.

Spending sufficient time on the floor daily can be very beneficial in the long run. Below is a list of some of the pros of seating on the floor.

Improved Balance and Coordination
Seating on the floor and getting back up helps improve balance and coordination. According to Dr. Okubadejo, repeating the act over a period of time will help with stability. This is vital as you age because it helps reduce falls and resulting injuries.

Improved Mobility
Moving to and fro the floor requires the use of muscles around several joints and body parts like knees, elbows, feet, wrists, shoulders, and so on. Consistently doing this daily will improve your mobility. The daily practice engages your muscles. This means you are helping your body and joints move through many motions, which are essential to how you move as you grow old. The action also enables you to stay injury-free.


Strengthen your core and legs
According to Dr. Okubadejo, sitting on the floor will enable you to build a stronger core and legs. The core is heavily utilized and engaged when standing from the ground. Therefore getting up from a sitting position helps reinforce your core and legs.
One way to look at it is to imagine doing an exercise like squatting. So when you sit and get up, you can take it as several repetitions. The key is to be consistent with your actions and follow them through.


Better Posture
Sitting on the floor can help with good posture. The action of sitting and standing can help you build balance and body alignment. So your head, shoulders, knees, hips, and spine are better aligned.

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