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Why You Might Have Tight Hips

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Why You Might Have Tight Hips:

In this day of age, many people suffer from tight hips and low back. The main reason centers around too much sitting and/or not enough stretching/counterbalance exercises. Today we are going elaborate on the reasoning behind tight hips.


sitting shestoughToo Much Sitting – as mentioned above too much sitting is a major reality for many people. If you think about your daily routine, you are more than likely sitting in a car or on a bus on route to work/school. Sitting in a chair all day at work/school. Sitting on route back home and then sitting on the couch in the evening.  As human beings, we evolved walking all day long! The solution to excess sitting is to incorporate more walking into your daily routine. Getting a fit bit is a great investment to track and set daily goals for your daily steps.


stretch shestoughNot Enough Stretching – when was the last time you stretched the six muscle groups of the hip? These muscles get compressed and tight when you sit all day. Below you can see examples of Stretches for the hip flexors, extensors, abductors, adductors, and rotators.




core shestoughWeak Core Muscles – Did you know when a muscle gets weak other muscles will compensate to support the weakness. This often happens in the hip flexors. By simply strengthening your inner core you can offset this issue. See exercise below:




birddog shestough


shestough danceNot Dancing Enough – What does dancing have to do with healthy hips?? More than you think! Most dance movements are generated from the hips. When you don’t dance the hips don’t move freely as much and can tighten up from lack of full range of motion movement. So get those hips moving to some Spanish or Caribbean based music.  As these cultures are big on music that incorporates movements of the hips.

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